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Some Ideas For Spectating

  1. Spectators should be able to spectate more than one player at once. When I am spectating a battle or team, I am switching back and forth between the players as the center of action is constantly shifting. Maybe an option could be added to the right-click menu to add players to a list, and every player on that list would be treated as a single entity.
  2. There should be a "/spectate <username>" command. When the player is really tiny and/or the map is really big, it can be difficult to find the player and click on them.
  3. Players should have a radius which if clicked in, it is assumed that the player is clicked on. When a player is really tiny, spectators must be very quick and precise to click on that player. If a spectator clicks where 2 or more radii overlap, it would spectate the closest player. This should also be for right-clicking in-game to view profiles, invite to parties, etc.
  4. The free roam speed should be adjustable, sometimes it can feel a bit slow, even on small maps.
  5. Spectators should be able to click on the minimap to instantly move the camera to a certain part of the map.
  6. When spectating, the camera is zoomed out a bit. There should be a setting to set the zoom to default zoom to essentially see the game exactly how the player sees it on their screen.
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Good suggestion!

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