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Hi, im sarcrack :b
Hi all, i have been playing agma for more than 3 years ago, first i started playing giant-giantic, i dont remember, i was really bad but i learned how to play and i was the conqueror in 2017 and i everybody said me noob when i killed them, i was better playing alone because every team that i had traitioned me 5 minutes later, in 218 i was interesd in supersonic servers when they were released, i loved the really big bots but it was so lagued, so i played in super na where the bots were little and cute bots, in 2019 i played selfeed servers when they was released. i loved that mode but my favorite was supersonic, the last month, i wanted to go super like another normal day and i saw that it was crashed, i saw sora repairing it and when i retirned to play gain the bots were not tiny bots so i was very sad and im still too because sora says that it's normal to see big bots in that server but i hate the lag, the big bots and when i respawn and die instantly, but what i can do? :/, i love to play agma and it's my favorite game, i just was gold member once in my own acc because a friend gave it to me, i still hope new servers and i like the new infection mode, and finally in the future i want to be an agma yt but i dont have a good pc, maybe the next year i could be i dont know.
I love games, be responsible and be helpful.
Also i love pizza ✨
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