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Problems/Tips for infection mode
I've been playing infection mode the last few days and discovered a few problems as well as tips
First the my problems with the gamemode...

Players who are about to die can just respawn and prevent the enemy to get a star level upgrade this way. Really annoying cuz that happens quite a lot.

Glitchy walls (wood): 

Red players get knockback if they get attacked (W) by a green guy. if there is a wall behind a red guy and he gets attacked, it sometimes happens that the red guy just flies through the wall which allows him to flee from the green attacker Sad. It's also possible that if you are directly behind a wall (not even in it) you can get infected/attacked by enemys who are on the other side of the wall.
Besides, this is not really a problem but you can place a wall on yourself to glitch thru another wall that is next to you and you can also push other players with walls if you have a lot of them.

Broken wall key: 

So im not sure if this is just me (and if its a problem with agma or not), but if i change the wall key (regularly B) to anything else, it jumps back to B when I reload the site, if i change other keys like double split they get saved and dont switch back to normal. 

Green OP?:

To me it seems like the green team is too powerful as of now, it is easy for an experienced green player to kill a red player using walls, and they cant even defend (without even getting close to infected), on the other hand it's very hard to infect level 5+ green people as a red person since the green projectiles elminate red projectiles and as level 5 you get shoot 3 at a time
Edit: Now it seems like red is overpowered, even more than green was. Anyway, it's important to balance the gamemode (so both sides have somewhat equal chances to win, of course it also depends on the skill of the players)

Now to the Tips:
Stay in groups (espacially if you are not very good at infection), a few red/green player can always do more than a single player.
Use walls to block other players from running or from chasing you, if you are good you can build a little room around them to completely make them stop moving.(takes 2 wood to get one wall, or use /wood)
Use viruses to your advantage! If you are red it's easy to infect others with viruses because they shoot out a lot of food in every direction!
Also if you are red, try to find a time to attack when the green enemy isnt feeding, since the green projectiles kill the red ones.
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actually the last few times i played red won sometimes. but if they always stay in groups and play many rounds they are kinda unbeatable.

a problem: green saves power grade stars after a match, reds dont.

good tips and points. probs gehen raus

have a nice day y'all
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here's one problem

[Image: 3d60e424102c052229098ef648d794a2.png]
(Signature had to be removed due to the possibility of causing seizures)

[Image: ff67246f342a8808171d075243546464.gif]

huh I calmed em down for a bit xD  (for now)

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well written and that tip is 10/10
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(07-31-2020, 08:26 PM)FilipCro125 Wrote: here's one problem

[Image: 3d60e424102c052229098ef648d794a2.png]

Bug associated to the new zombie boss feature, fixed now! Thanks

Good points firebone, already working on some of these!
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Nice Sora Inprove ur game more Big Grin

Make it better then fortnite its already better then fortnite to me but make it better Big Grin

ALso Sora Heres a tip make 2 more infection server because there filling up so u should do that Big Grin

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