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In what language are extensions codded at?
Hey i have a really newbie question but i have zero knowledge about this.
Does anyone have a idea what are the tempermonkey browser extensions like ogar, agarplus,delta are codded at? And also how difficult will be for something that has no experience. And if you have any tips where to start with i will really apreciate it.
Thanks a lot.
As far as I know, I think they are all coded in javascript

I cant answer to ur other questions cuz Im not rly some coding expert but if u wanna learn it 

I think is gud place to start
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huh I calmed em down for a bit xD  (for now)

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yee, coded with javascript. but if there is smth visual (like adding text in bold somewhere with the script) you also use HTML, as filip said is good to learn.. but it's also helpful to look into already existing userscripts to find out how they work
mm, that doesnt work yet 
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