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How can i make people join my clan?
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It is so hard to get a clan up and running!

The best way to start, is with a hardcore group of your own friends that you already enjoy playing with.

You can post a clan ad here in the Clans section of the Forums.

Also, if you're on Discord, check out the #clans channel of the Agma Discord server, make your own clan, and send me an ad for it. That gets harder though, because you have to learn Discord well enough to set it up so that you can manage it, and make sure those you trust with permissions can't ruin your server.

It's hard, but not impossible!  If you go through #clans from the beginning you'll see there's a couple of clans still alive almost 2 years later!
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I recommend to recruit new clan members simply by inviting other Agma players you know. If you meet cool people on a server ask them if they are interested to join your clan. Its that simple! Smile
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