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Poll: Do you play XY-Insta? Do you support a 2nd server free of gold blocks?
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2nd XY-Insta Server (No Gold Blocks)
I have been playing on XY-Insta for about a week now and I have very mixed feelings about it. It is definitely a fun gamemode and it is much different from other servers that I have played. My biggest complaint, however, is the players there. Every minute of the day there is someone in E1 farming coins from a gold block with more half the server guarding and feeding that player. There are usually 1-2 players guarding right next to the farmer and 3-5 players out savaging and power-spamming on literally anyone who spawns. The map on XY-Insta is (or seems to be) relatively small, so it is extremely hard to avoid them and even get above 6k mass. Even when I tell them that I will not attack the farmer, they do not listen, because they “don’t know” me (hell, I have even offered to feed the farmer and they still do not listen). Some players are more cooperative than others, but this is the attitude of the majority of players there. I have talked to other XY players about this issue and they all seem to agree that these players make the server unplayable.

I am requesting a 2nd XY-Insta server, which would be exactly the same as the original, except that gold blocks would be disabled. This way, the coin farmers can have their server, and those who want to play the actual game can have their server. Those who try playing on the farming server would get savaged, and those who try farming on the playing server, well, couldn’t. I know that the current XY-Insta server is pretty small, but I think if there was a 2nd server without coin farmers, more people would play as it would be much more enjoyable. Like I said, I have only been playing for about a week, so my perception may be a bit limited, but this is my opinion, and I would love to hear the opinions of others. Thanks for reading! :)
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Hi , If u want other server , Xy server , to people will do same , but i like this

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