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Join the Unofficial Agma War League Today
If you play Agma and you're in a clan, looking for a clan, or just want to watch other clans duke it out in your favorite gamemode, join the unofficial Agma War League. You'll have immediate access to some of the top clans in Agma, be alerted to upcoming events, and earn the opportunity to win various prizes- like Discord Nitro.
We have representatives from clans in several gamemodes currently, including Battle Royale, Giant/Giga, and Selffeed. As we continue growing, we hope to see other servers gain representation. Currently, we have over 150 active members of the Agma community and we're growing more every day. The leader and current owner of the server is James, one of the well-known members of Agma.
Invite link here
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can i join
100% Artemis/Shade Approved.
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(06-05-2020, 12:47 AM)[email protected] Wrote: can i join

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