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weird problem
i got this weird problem
game is running very well suddenly it shutters a little bit and continue
this problem is killing me i tried every possible solution with no luck
GPU = gtx 980
ram 16
internet speed = D240 U60 Ping7
i tried multiple browsers including chrome and firefox and edge

i uploaded my problem here
check this video :
Hello there SoloKing.

Your gameplay and recording is very smooth until the spikes(freezing).
This looks like a pc problem.
1. Close all apps and tabs that you have and see how your game works. You do have 16gb ram so it might not be the problem.
2. Restart your pc. I mean just shut it down and turn on again and check for results.
3. Your pc parts like the core processor or graphics card might be old or outdated, i dont know, you might need something new.

Try this and let me know
My video!
[Image: enAWQVn.jpg]

If you need any help, you can write me a message. Click here to write me a message.

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- Have you thought it could possible be that, because of quarantine, there has been a larger influx of users on the game because of people having more spare time? It could possible be because of that.

- Did you make sure you were on your nearest server?
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Hey! Im breakfast. If you need me, just pop me a message. I may not be active for a while so just take that into thought!!
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