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Agma Basic Website Functions
So I've been playing for a solid couple of years now and I love it, spent plenty of time grinding my favorite servers. I'm level 150, top all time in battle royale kills, and spent over 1000 hours playing, it's pretty safe to say I enjoy agma haha.

Yet it blows my mind that we haven't seen a couple of basic functions added into the game yet. I apologize if either of the ones I'm about to address have already been answered on here, only been part of the forums for a couple months haha.

First one and probably the main one I feel like we need is the ability to manually change account passwords. It's nothing against the amazing mod team for this game, but it's just so difficult to access password changes when you want them. I made this account for the purpose of asking about password changes (just something I like to do every once in a while on all my online accounts, elementary Internet safety haha) and never got responses to the two or three times I asked. I get it, people are busy and I can respect that, but I don't get why it's not an option for me to change it by myself, without going through the forums, discord, or anything else in general. I signed up with an email when I created my account, so it can't be that difficult to incorporate a "Forgot Password" button like any other site (this one included!).

Second primary gripe I have with the site is no "report" button in the game itself. I understand things like that can be abused and/or spammed, and I would be willing to share the possible solutions I have in mind to that particular issue with anybody who's interested. As with my first suggestion, this exists just about everywhere else, so why not here? I can handle insults and threats and whatever being thrown at me, which happens all too often, but it grinds my gears like nothing else when somebody goes after one of my friends who's less capable of dealing with stress, pressure, and criticism. Again, this happens all too often, and there's some specific incidents I'm reminded of whenever the topic of reporting people comes up. I won't go into them here because this post is already getting too long, but if you DM me on here or on Discord there's so many stories I can share about people attacking my younger friends who also play the game. All I want is a simple, easy way to report these players without having to wait for a while.

Those are the main two things I see as being simple and objectively good for the game. I have plenty more, less significant ideas, but the ones above can help out a lot. My goal is visibility for now, hopefully with a little luck they'll get added into the game some day haha  Big Grin
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