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Permanant Mute Option
Hey, is there anyway we can have the option to permanantly mute a player?

Samira has been bullying me for weeks (months actually, but even more the past few weeks).  She claims to "be proud" of taking every oppurtunity she gets to harrasse and bully me.  AND SHE DOES take every oppourtunity she gets.  She critizizes my every move and puts me down.  She also assumes other players are me and will bully them, target them, and do everything she can to make the person feel awful.

I have to mute her every day, the first chance i get because she will bully me and say hateful things the second she sees i am on.  And if she is not harrassing me, she is harrassing someone else.  So even when it is not pointed toward me, I feel it effects my sub conscious to be reading all her negativity.

I would REALLY APPRECIATE a permanant mute option so i can play in peace

With Hope,

Mindless   Blush
Regarding myself: I don't really see the point here? What is the accusation here?

It's true that I sometimes target you (should not be a problem for you to handle, since you claim to be the best player, and I am just an average player), complain about the way you play (such as savaging, using virus farm) and so on, and also talk to people about how you bullied another player. I don't think that is bullying? Looks like the bully tries to make himself look like the victim. I have explained here what you have done: That's why I dislike you. Which I think is my right to do.

I unfriended you months ago. Time enough to deal with it, don't you agree? No reason to try to take personal stuff between me and you to the forums. It really does not belong here but in direct messages. I have not blocked you here, you can write me a message. Or ask someone from the moderator team for help (as a mediator for example).

But, I see you feel uncomfortable, so I will minimize my public talk to and about you. And I won’t do “general targeting” - I will always shoot the virus at you first, since you claim to be the most capable player and therefore you have to accept that this comes with “special attention”.
All of these posts should stop now.
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(11-10-2019, 05:28 PM)Mindless Wrote: I would REALLY APPRECIATE a permanant mute option so i can play in peace

You should have posted only this one line, which would have gotten your idea across without the needless mindless personal drivel attached thereto.

Unless of course, you were once again setting out to start trouble.

If you ever start playing on a server that I play on, you will be seeking to mute me too.
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