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(05-12-2020, 11:27 PM)Squirrel Wrote: That's enough change, that I suspect you had a bit of drama!

But that is also part of the deal with clans, isn't it.

I like your updates, as I feel I have a glimpse into a real functioning clan!

Haha I don't know about drama so much as long overdue changes. We had a good discussion and agreed that since I wanted to have the future of the clan to one way and he wanted it to go a different way, it was best to have someone step down and forfeit control to the other. Full credit to him, though, he listened to my suggestions respectfully and at the end he backed off and stepped down himself. Not ideal but also not too much drama. These changes are more just things I've been wanting to do for a while and now have free reign to do so
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Bump for update to the OP, added in newest member.

List of changes-
_Minty_ joins PGS
Bump for update to the OP, added in newest member, removed members after a trim

List of changes-
kellypenguinv2 joins PGS
evildolphin211 is kicked from PGS
BleachedTurtle is kicked from PGS
icupy966 leaves PGS temporarily, will rejoin at a later date
Bump for update to the OP. New members not added in yet but will be soon

List of changes-
PGS merges with TRX
lucasgoma123/Terminator joins PGS
Nekuro joins PGS
Zeno/Zenoson joins PGS
GX joins PGS
Sasuke joins PGS
Supreme joins PGS
RevKing joins PGS
Wolf joins PGS
Ninguem joins PGS
Bump for update to the OP. I both regret and am proud to announce that my tenure serving as Co-Leader and member of PGS is finally over. After a long reign of over 15 months as the leader of the top clan in Battle Royale, I am finally making the hard decision to step down and turn over control to some of my members who have improved with the game significantly more so than I have. This is simply an exciting new stage for the clan, but I regret that this is the final update I'll be making to this post. At this point in the development of the clan, I have no control over the direction it takes or what the recruiting process will be. While I don't know yet if this also signifies the impending end of my career playing Agma, I'm proud of all we accomplished and the remaining members still have a lot left in them to do great things.

List of changes:
Flyingblue leaves PGS
Alex81405 promoted to Co-Leader
James4356 promoted to Recruiter

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