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#1 drop me a sub and like doing a new series will do agma
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(09-22-2019, 06:35 PM)irakugaYT Wrote: drop me a sub and like doing a new series will do agma

To me, a 'paladin;' is a common character class in a fighting AD&D-styled game... quite religious, but with some extra clout, and some mimmal healing ability.

Maybe you should tell us a bit more about what this video is about?

(I like watching so few videos, I'd like to know before hand what I'm watching, so that I don't get angry at myself for wasting my time.)
Fight the Good Fight
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Make it worth the price we pay!
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Pray you'll fit into the Plan.
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HI Guys Saya dari indonesia

 saya adalah youtuber Indonesia

 Aku adalah penggemar Permainan Dan

Heart Heart Heart 

        Thank For SEMUANYA OKE
 AKU adalah Calon TERDEWA OK
       NYA BERTAMBAH Big Grin Big Grin

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