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Betrayers list by ?3???? ?
Hello all,

I am ?3???? ?, you may or may not know me, I play in Europe.
There are several types of betrayal in
One of them which is more of a trick than betrayal is when someone needs help and you pretend you want to help them and then you kill him. This is a known trick which every semi-pro player knows.

The wors type of betrayal is when you are actually a friend with somebody and he suddenly (for different reasons) betrays you. or when somebody asks for help and you help them to kill their enemy and after that he kills you.
This is fucking dirty and I can not put up with it. So I have created a list of players who have done this to me. These players will always be my enemy, no matter what because they have no fucking manner. The list will be updated!

1. ♔ egypt ♔
2. shakir
3. hacimca ?
4. tr pkksiken53
5. yogatli
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Talking like this is a new thing. Sorry to break it to you, but, people have been doing this for thousands of years. Needless to say, just deal with it when it happens, because it always will. It's a game for crying out loud, manners don't really matter. The only type of "manners" that apply are the rules to the game. Other than that, people will do whatever to boost their self status in the game...
Yeah but Agar is small now. I know 2 players from his/her list I think. And i think it’s nice to get a warning!!
What a jinkies
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