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LF>Animated HSLO
I know it's a long shot posting here, but I figured the more I look around, hopefully it might come to a lead. 
I'm specifically looking for this version (or versions) of HSLO:
1) Animated glowing rainbow borders

2) Animated rings and split effects

As you can see in the comments, I even asked this dude how he did it but no response :/
If anyone has one of these versions of HSLO I'd very much appreciate you sending me it, seeing as the most recent downloadable version of HSLO has neither of them. Thanks!
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Wow that's so cool @xAngelv I hope border is like that °•°
[Image: tumblr_nmtb8tkF9s1si4e7ko1_500.gif]
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lol me no mods anime mods
   Guys did you know patience brings you good things in life              listen to this.                                  Hey guys! If y'all have any questions for me I will be happy to answer your question contact me.

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