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Some [Poke] Skins! (:
Good evening guys,
It's PokeLucario here again, and this time i got some selfmade skins from the game. I am making all the skins for aylin21876 too, so it was and still is quite a task for me (to keep up with her wishes). (: When i don't ("have to" xD) make skins for her, i take myself a lot of time to create own skins. Those are some of them i made, even one for Squirrel! (:>
I hope you enjoy those, and i wish you all a good evening/day/morning [Depends on when you read this of course (:<] If you have any feedback or comments on those, let me hear, I'm open for any feedback, and yes, i know that the skins would look way more cool without the watermark >:C

~ PokeLucario Smile

[Image: 3.png] [Image: BLITZA-OMFFGG1-1.png] [Image: circle-cropped-1.png] [Image: circle-cropped-7.png] [Image: circle-cropped-10.png] [Image: ff-1.png]  [Image: image.png] [Image: WOW-min.png] [Image: Squirrel.png]
Do the best out of every situation. It will pay off. Smile
~ PokeLucario
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Awesome skins!
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