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My introduction!
Hi all!

My first .io game was I loved it  Heart , so I searched more .io games. In this way I found This was a perfect game Angel , but I haved one problem: I'm very noob! I tryed all servers, and I found a server where I thinked that I'm pro: Battle Royale Smile  .

Some time later, when I was already pro on this server  Big Grin  , I created a YouTube channel called Gloton for publish my victorys . Now, I only haved a problem: the game bored me now! So now I searched more .io games. For example, I found, the server Selffeed, I liked this game  Heart , but almost nobody plays this game. Finally, I found I liked this game (I liked it so much that I changed the name of my YouTube channel to Gloton · Agma), but like, this was a perfect game Angel , but I haved one problem: I'm very noob! Nevertheless, I referral the game with friends and sometimes we play together  Blush  .

Finally, my lucky changed and created new servers that I love  Heart : Selffeed BETA and Selffeed ON REDBULL! In this servers I'M PRO Cool . Now... I'm happy  Sleepy .

If you want suscribe to my YouTube channel, here I leave you the link:

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Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, welcome to the community lad! Hope you stay with us, and please don't slither away... HA GOTTEM! WHOOOO.

I'll get off the stage now

Also, you say you're a noob? Excuse me, don't out noob me alright mate? I'm the only noob here
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Nevertheless, welcome to the community! Hope you stick around.
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Special Thanks to, @Sora & @retslac

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Glad to see you like this game, you'll love it the more you play!
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