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Sad times
It doesn't matter how hard you try to do anything people will always criticise you and you are never right, humans are each their own and you cannot change that. people will batter you and barrage you with everything they have just to see you suffer then extend their hand to help you up. and yet I'm truly realising how pointless i am now. how i am merely but a pattern of cause to effect caused by a sequence of atoms. I amaze myself with my understanding, not intelligence, i'm young what would i know. However, when i look at the way life has programmed me to function, how can i do anything other than admire how little control over cause to effect i have.
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(10-16-2019, 07:39 AM)Lucianic Wrote: I probably read Sun Times Bowman Page 1 or 2 times a week lately. I now get Big Red Page to subscribe to Sun Times and cannot access outdoor page.. Is there a limit on opening sun times online ? Is there a way to avoid red subscription page and read Bowmans outdoor news ??

I really doubt that anyone here knows anything at all about that site. I would have to Google it, just to find it. You're better off just figuring it out for yourself, I'm guessing. Smile But usually newspapers/magazines will give you a chance to look at a few things for free, before forcing you into some sort of subscription based fee.
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I sad some times lol
   Guys did you know patience brings you good things in life              listen to this.                                  Hey guys! If y'all have any questions for me I will be happy to answer your question contact me.

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