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how do you double split?
(07-16-2019, 11:04 AM)GAS666 Wrote:
(07-16-2019, 08:20 AM)Squirrel Wrote: You people are all insane, with all the stupid terms and so on for simple actions that you do while playing the game.

I ignore all this [email protected] and just keep playing the way I like to.

Honest. By myself (solo). Simple. And fun.

(This is probably also why I'm not the guy to approve/judge videos, because you crazies care about seeing these things you call "tricks" and whatnot, and all I see is another fool playing the game, and thinking, "Why am I watching this [email protected], rather than playing?!??!" )

In part you're right.

But think about it, because in the end it's not all insane, and how to say that giving different types of names to cars is useless (off-road vehicles, city cars, etc.)

If you look closely at the players who come up with new "tricks" or new ways to win, it's like when a person discovers a new car, for example the electric car, or maybe in the future a flying car! (although it seems impossible)

All this depends on your point of view ... it's something that each of us thinks differently!

Anyway, pople watch "tricks" video because they want to destroy all pople on server... how much time they need to do a reverse solotrick, ecc   Cool

obviously it depends on your own points of view, as I said before... Angel
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