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Hello so these are my suggestions for the game,i'm almost at 600h in the game and i love it, but there are some things i'd like to be changed based on my opinion(and some of the people i know).
-Sleight of Hand should be a thing again make it easier to afford for about 25k,since fast feed is now available to everyone Solo-ing is impossible and virus spammers are a huge problem for me and many players that i've talked to.
-Limit the usage of powerups,if not,make it more unique and less affordable.
-I'm not an expert for this but maybe limit the server slots to about 90-100 for a better performance,personally lately the game got to the stage it's so laggy it's unplayable,that's all from me,i'd be glad to hear more opinions especially on the first topic.
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  • FilipCro125
Actually Sleight of hand is freeeeeeeeeeeee!! so keep on solo-ing buddy!!

Well powerups I have talked to Retslac about limiting them in one certain server but I don’t know if he will apply this all of the servers but I think many players would be glad if they do limit them (including me) but the powerups are one of the main income of the game and I don’t see them going anywhere any time soon and about limits I don’t think they will be that big, to be honest.

The server caps are perfectly fine, because some of the servers kept capping 150 and they had to make more and I don’t think any of the Developers would increase the server caps to intentionally cause lag, I just think the servers can handle it and they run fine, when I play.

Thanks for the reply but you didn't get me for the Sleight of Hand,i said it shouldn't be free,instead make it purchasable again for about 25k
The sleight of hand was made free due to high demand of players wanting it to be free and several scripts offer it for free so it’s about time they made it free.

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  • samira
I think it’s great that features than can be implemented by custom scripts anyways have been implemented in the game (officially). I wished Miniclip would do the same AtAgario!!

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