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Just a "couple" of suggestions... :)

After playing for almost 2 weeks now of playing the game, I have brainstormed through some ideas which I find fitting to Agma. I have posted these suggestions before on the Discord so the suggestions might seem familiar to you, but I want to summarize all the suggestions I made into one thread which I can also update on and I also want the Agma community on the forums to look into these suggestions. That's because I want all feedback and questions from everyone from everywhere, no matter where you are in the Agma community. I, of course, hope these suggestions will be implemented, and yeah... Let's get into the suggestions I have made, shall we? Wink

1) Suggestion: Make 2 different kinds of parties called Open Party and Closed Party.
Open Party: This is the party that is currently the only one available in-game. Everyone can invite everyone, no matter who they are.
Closed Party: This will be the party where only the person who is the leader of the party can invite users. The leader here can also kick users they do not want in their party. No other player can invite another play nor kick another player. If closed parties would be implemented in-game, then it will also be a good feature to add a promotion command. Who would be the leader in the party? The user who invited another user and the other user accepted their invite, will be the leader of that party.

1.1) Suggestions for that suggestion: If those 2 parties does make it into the game; perhaps make the viewers know that they are in a closed/open party with like a warning or instead of "party" it says "open party" or "closed party". Also, what you can do is that open parties will be the standard, but if you want to make a closed party (or want to return to open party) you will have to use a command. I was thinking about naming those commands "/open" and "/close", but that's just my take

2) Suggestion: you could add a skin randomizer into the skin list of the "Buy" category. The price would be 250k gold, but if you have another price in your head, developers / anyone else important, then sure! It's my take on making the price 250k gold, but if anyone else has other ideas then feel free to share! It'll contain a skin from that section and as the name suggested; you will get a random skin from that category (prices range from 1 million to like, 8k?).

3) Suggestion: allow users to save custom (perhaps others skins as well?) skins in some kind of draft so they can quickly search and see the skins quicker. For instance, I have found a beautiful skin called medusa. I want to save it so I don't forget about it or if don't recall the name, I can search it through my draft, so I will save it up into a "draft". Basically what I am trying to say is that you can save skins in a "map/folder". This suggestion will really help in the future when there are so many skins approved, that you cannot recall your own favorite skins because you cannot search it back easily.

4) Suggestion: Allow gold members to upload skins to the skin list which are only available to the gold members. Here I am suggesting that gold members can submit custom skins to the skin list that are only available for the gold members to use. In theory, this suggestion will also make gold membership more appealing as there will be more features added.

4.1) Follow-up suggestion to the suggestion above: If a gold member's gold membership expires and they have skins on the gold member skin list, ask them what will happen to the skin. If that cannot be the case due to the amount of gold members, then make a standard rule as to how the skin will end up.

5)Suggestion: put an option in the settings whether an user wants to disable skins on bots or not. User as in; both the bot user and your non-bot using user, so every user. This could in theory help reduce the lag in some servers. 

6)This is a question as well as a suggestion: Why make 2 separate settings when you can just merge the 2 and you can put in separate sections on the list? The golden membership I can quite understand as to why it's separate from the other settings, but keep that out and look at the other 4 options every user (with perhaps an account?) can use. I can imagine some people being like "Huh, where are these settings?". When I first joined, I thought there was only 1 section with all of the settings but I was wrong. In my opinion, it's confusing that there are 2 separate settings you need to go to. 

7)Suggestion: Perhaps add a search bar to the "Public Custom Skins" section, so people can find skins faster. 
NOTE: I know that this  is a common suggestion made by users, but I will mention it either way since *why not*? I've also added this option just to tell you that this suggestion has been looked into and according to a Discord staff I have talked to, it will be implemented next UI.

7.1) This suggestion is about the skins too to search quicker. Add an option to see skins in chronical order like A - Z and Z - A.

8) Suggestion: Allow the user to change their own keybinds. For example, allow the user to change the Z button to Y. 

9) Suggestion: When someone invites an user, don't let them or the user who they are inviting see each others mass. Imo people can abuse this to see how much mass they have. This suggestion is probably biased since I am a solo user, but I will mention it either way.

I hope everyone will at least understand where I am coming from and that you agree with at least some suggestions, but if you don't well... That's alright! I can't force you to agree with a certain suggestion, that will be obnoxious! But the least thing you can do is being respectful. If you dislike or hate a suggestion, please do it in a respectful manner!  Heart

As perviously mentioned: if you got a question or got some feedback, feel free to share it with me! Big Grin
~Konoha/ Blud
I'm gorgeous!

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These are some great ideas and as far as I can tell by reading them is they’re very original which I like someone in the community that’s able to come up with new things let’s hope that the Developers look at this and maybe try implementing in the future updates.  Smile

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nice ideas
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