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Non Practical Trick Proposal.
Hello everybody! I'm beaver, and i'm here with a new trick idea.
The trick isn't practical, its more just for plays and I would be shocked if someone managed to pull it off.

The trick takes a part from generals "Licksplit" (a combo of solotrickspliting or stsing and linespliting).
It probably would get lots of attention on youtube if i'm being honest because of the sheer amount of time.

If you ever want to try this trick, you have a 99.385730385358% chance of it not happening without any friends needed.
Alright enough chit-chat, how would you preform this?

First, you would have to get your cell to stay perfectly still. No movement whatsoever. Next is where the probability of it happening without any friends trembles. You need two players on either side of you (horizontal or vertical) positioned next to you at a safe distance with around 25k mass. You yourself need 30k and no viruses must be in your way. After that is where EVERYTHING CRUMBLES . Because nearly frame perfectly, both of your friends must solotrick towards you while you do a line split in their direction (if they are positioned vertical, linesplit vertical, if they are positioned horizontal, linesplit horizontal) and HOPE that you live and reverse BOTH OF THEM

yeah, i'd like to see someone attempt this

Dats actually a gud idea.

pretty sure dat it would bang youtube lol
(Signature had to be removed due to the possibility of causing seizures)

[Image: ff67246f342a8808171d075243546464.gif]

huh I calmed em down for a bit xD  (for now)


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