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Agar perfect window size?
Hi all,

so I have to say something some already knew, but it has been an open secret and now it's time to make it official:

I'm such an idiot!  Confused

So I was playing Agar on my PC for months with a special size of my browser window. I thought it was the best size for Agar. 

Because obviously every player has a fixed view port. It's fixed on the server, not on your browser. This means you cannot see more than this view port no matter how big your browser window is or how it's aspect ratio (ratio between width and height) is.

So I thought I found the perfect (inner) size of my browser window so that I see all of the view port.

Ahem... you know what's coming, right?   Blush

Of course I was wrong!!!

I played with the wrong aspect ratio for many months! OMG!

I checked it again and I found out, I can make my browser window almost 50% wider!!! So that I actually see 50% more to the left and right side Exclamation Exclamation

And I was confused how other players could do double splits onto distant players outside of there view! Wow I should have realized why they could do this.  Rolleyes

Okay, conclusion: I think the best aspect ratio (absolut size is not relevant!) is:

17:10 (width:height, rounded!)

So in my case this means about 2400 pixel width and 1360 pixel height. 1360 is fixed because this is the height of my monitor (actually it's a bit more that this but the browser has a border and menu and so on). My display is very wide so I cannot use it's complete width, because then the view would be cut in its height. So I can calculate 1360 pixels height * (17:10) = 2313 pixels width (I use 2400, due to rounding a bit is lost here)

Does everyone agree or did I just make another false assumption?  Dodgy
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lol jkjkjkjkjjk, Im not turning into spam bot

Quote:I'm such an idiot!  [Image: confused.png]

I feel u xD

Quote:And I was confused how other players could do double splits onto distant players outside of there view! Wow I should have realized why they could do this.  [Image: rolleyes.png]

This reminds me when I first time started playing agma.
I didnt knew that u can turn on "Infinite zoom" in settings lol.
I was like how tf do I get triplesplited by a player dat has same mass as me, and he sees me while I dont see him
And then just 2 weeks later I realized that there is a thing called "Infinite zoom" in settings lol
(Signature had to be removed due to the possibility of causing seizures)

[Image: ff67246f342a8808171d075243546464.gif]

huh I calmed em down for a bit xD  (for now)

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Wow, normally I don't double split if I cant see the enemy. But i'll try this. Thank you!
You *can* double split on enemies you do not see on your normal screen, if you are big, assume they are 16-split and you can see them on the minimap... Idea But since you cannot be sure what is really happening outside of your normal view, I don't think anyone is doing this except he/she has a team mate who has vision and tells them to split...

My mistake was, I simply assumed when you are in specator mode you have not the same view port as the player has you are spectating. Which was kinda right, but not completely... Smile
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Full-screen is always the way to go x)

*muaha, Storm網 has come back to take over Recent Posts... once again!*
Build a bridge and get over it!
No it is not!! Not if you have an ultra wide screen like I have.

In this case Agar will cut a lot of the height of your (server side) view port so you see 100% of your maximum width but only about 50% of your maximum height - which is no fun to play with so you will switch to window mode immediately. Idea

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