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So I noticed that I have a very lit amount of threads so I wanted to make one. And as I didn't know what to write about, I just came with an idea to report this one pretty old  mistake in agma

[Image: 83f2d06d3904dbdc049e99d1daecb6df.jpg] [Image: f7a58d597a5756d289a9692b5e28f753.jpg]

Soooo when u go to that Alternative Payment window to buy gold membership  u can buy 1 month gold membership for both 4$ and 6$ and u can buy 3 months of gold membership for both 10$ and 15$

I noticed this when I made a thread on agmaforums about pack of 40 bots and pack of 10 bots having the same price in this alternative pay and then Owl said that it was fixed, so then I went to check it again to see what u can buy there. And then my heart almost stopped when I saw that gold membership is 6$, I though that they raised the price. And then I went to agma home page to check it, and just then I found out that its a mistake lol. 

or at least I think that this is a mistake
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huh I calmed em down for a bit xD  (for now)

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Here is the TRUE STORY Exclamation how Trump became president and Filip created a new thread:

So basically you have stalked my profile and realized we both had 7 threads. Then you did the math: "I'm here since forever and have 7 threads.... she is here since 2019 and has 7 threads... *using calculator to do difficult calculations with logarithms, polynomials and Schrödinger equation* Oh-oh Confused  that means she will overtake in 1.74535436 weeks Exclamation  Gosh I need to do something... Dodgy LET'S MAKE A THREAD Idea  *Clicking on the create post button* Wait a second... what will be the topic of the thread? Huh I should have listen to my grand-grandmother who always told me: 'Filip, think before you click, not afterwards!'  Undecided  "

Yeah and that's the story. Right?  Angel
Brace yourself - spoilers are coming! 
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