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Looking for a clan. (Level 42 - Highest score 74K)
Old Account: Level 78
Current Account: Level 42

Highest score 74K (Teamed)

Looking for a active clan, just tired of being betrayed and loosing because of bad teammates.

Discord: Mismo#5150

Mostly play normal, sometimes private servers/alternatives
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  • samira

would be nice to know in which zone you play? Smile

I guess it's not Europeean FFA, cuz I don't know you name, or? Or should I? Big Grin Have we met? Confused

If you play on the European servers we could give it a try. I'm not in a clan because except one I hate all. But that shouldn't matter since I meet your criteria:

Quote:Highest score 74K (Teamed)
Mine is similar but it does not count due it was during the mass hack at the beginning of the year. I don't know my highest regular for sure; all I know is have a screenshot with 34,000 I think. Also teamed. But such high scores are irrelevant, absolutely. It is more important if you have experience in playing with high masses > 10,000. Reaching high mass is worthless when losing it again in the next second. Idea

Quote:Looking for an active clan, just tired of being betrayed
I do not betray true allies. Heart

I am very active. Daily...

Quote: loosing because of bad teammates.
I know that feeling. So, I am by far not perfect. I am sometimes crazy or too anxious and... well I am too lazy to create a complete list of my weaknesses. But, I am level 100 for ... uhm, I don't remember, almost a year maybe, playing since 2015 with some interruptions and I reached first place three times today while playing not that much ( I play a lot, usually, ...).

I created a new Discord acc just for Agar some weeks ago. Idea

Quote:Mostly play normal
I play classical, European Zone, FFA mode only.

Here is the downside: I expect you have to learn a few things, which I would teach you. And also bore you with my theories about the meta and so on... So you have to accept that or it would not work. As I have said I am also often angry about mistakes of my team mates. I have no problem with beginners or mid-level players who are willing to learn but if I think it's pointless I stop playing with them. So if you are okay with getting tipps to improve, we would be fine.
Brace yourself - spoilers are coming! 

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