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Hello, I don't know who reads these if anyone does Sora, Nuke who ever I have some ideas for!
Game mode ideas -
A game mode for gold members only "VIP" Where in the game random drops happen like powers/coins from the ground.
Another thought was a game mode for everyone like 1v1, 2v2 so on.  
And lastly there could be a game mode where if someone wins a tournament him/her and their teammate could get 1 month gold or something from their choosing ?
Powers ideas -
you could buy XP bottles and drop them on yourself or people?
Game ideas -
okay well I know as of now you can "mute" someone but they can change their in game name and talk but their should be a way to block/mute someones account unless they don't have one.
Something else you could do is be able to pay to change your in game username like "Sora" change it to "Owner" but has to pay like 4$? Or that be a reward for winning a contest ?
Them are some of my ideas I hope you enjoy! My username is "vermle" and my discord as of right now is "nootks#8555" if not i am in the agma discord!
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