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Looking to make a new clan.
hey, i'm level 43 my highest mass was about 38,000. i asked mk if i could join and i was pretty sure they would say yes so i changed my name, then the leader of mk quit so i couldn't join at all Sad . please consider adding me to your clan. i've been playing since 2015 or 2016 i don't remember which. to prove that i've been playing for that long i have the huntsman, and all of the madball skins. i hope you say yes

can you play with me im level 43
Hi and welcome to the forums! Smile

You are searching for a clan? Well here is a clan:

I‘m also in that Discord server, by the way. Angel
Would be nice to see you there! Shy
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here you are

ʏᴏʟᴏ ᴄʟᴀɴ

Hi, my clan is looking for members, so you can join if you want. My clans names Perfect read my clans thread. How much skill points do you have, and which country are you from?

???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?????

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I don't like unfortunately but if you ever need a clan for, let me know coz im all ears Smile)
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