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Need Skin
Hello everyone! Smile
I need skin and skin pics. Can you help me? I am thankful to those who help  Angel
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[Image: eitwBVR.gif]
I can help u, but I need to know what kind of a skin (some anime skin, or how they call it "yhitta skin" or something else) and what type of skin pics u want

Imma gonna leave some skins I made here so ya can see if ya want it lol

[Image: 741827369849952897]
[Image: eecddf3ae0e24bf6144a2307b9585729.jpg]
[Image: 8e2f67692a188d86035a02e3449cf989.jpg]
[Image: 7cf25e1920d8d615728c29e22d619673.jpg]
[Image: 8d380b5c1cb1f9223aef9e4dd7e76cd6.jpg]
[Image: a809a9c2cbbb7c3177a3146c39399ae0.jpg]
And so on xD
(Signature had to be removed due to the possibility of causing seizures)

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huh I calmed em down for a bit xD  (for now)


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