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Where Legacies End.

While this may sound sudden
Its some news that comes before.
I think i won't care if my account reaches its first anniversary.

This is where legacies end.
Like my time around the world
Under the name boundary.

This is where the legacy
That my account may have covered

My legacy will come to an end.
As i drift away from
Say goodbye to my names.

I'm leaving.
I intrust my account password to you.
Make well of my now public account.

Pass: 12789

The five number string is there.
While i might still be on Agma's Discord
Its unlikely i will be active.

So have fun friends.

:c bye guys
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"Sora change my pass, my account has been hacked"
Adolf n'est pas devenu Hitler parce qu'il s'appelait Adolf, il se serait appelé Pépito ça aurait été pareil, on aurait juste dit "Heil Pépito" !

               Change my looks but not my heart !
            - Italiano boi
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