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Question about bots
So after I haven't played Agma for about 3 months, I started playing it again before weeks or so to reach level 200. And as I always do when I'm on level farming, I buy 2x EXP and I level up to 1-2 times per day. And as probably all of you know, you need coins to buy 2x EXP and for faster farming its best to farm on supersonic and to buy bots. And so I wonder if you buy 300 bots and you pick up a minion pallet from the map, will you then have 310 bots or is 300 bots max?

Ik Ik, I could ask that someone who had 300 bots, but the thing is that I haven't seen who had them for quite a time. I mean there were few who had them, but they were not English speakers lol
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huh I calmed em down for a bit xD  (for now)

Regarding the "stackable bots",

I don't think it's possible to stack bot packages. Since you purchase a bot "package", when activated it activates that "package". It would be obvious that the minion pellet grants you a bot package. So that would conclude it not being stackable. Since you can only have 1 active package at a time. And I'm not certain if you can purchase multiple bot packages while you have an active one.
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