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God status
70k+ again
Crazy NA servers, I also stream everyday!

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IF you see my name on the leaderboard or ingame, just leave.

                                                               Signed by : Exertios Smile
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how's your new year guys school is coming agai[Image: heart.png] [Image: heart.png]
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(01-03-2019, 02:56 AM)Exertios Wrote: 70k+ again
Crazy NA servers, I also stream everyday!

LOL... But you ain't no God!

I don't usually play Crazy... is 70K that much?

I know that on the variant I prefer... (SuperSonic), 70K is a lot, but not untoppable.

I feel that, to try to feel impervious in a game, like this, it's not the size that matters but how long you kept it! (Assuming you had no help, and that, as usual, everyone was gunnin' for #1!)
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Uhg, honestly 70k is not so much lol. It's kind of mass that you can earn in few minutes If you have some luck and skill. Well, in Crazy and Ctazy2 you can consider that you did a good game when you have around 120k.
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