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Magic Season
Quote:I have to use ...

(found that code at reddit agario, but no solution for my problem)

... every single time after a browser refresh, AND it only shows the minimap. but no opponents
Well that can be fixed. I assume you have at least one script via Tampermonkey?
If so it is pretty easy, you can add the code to the script!

In my browser: Click on the Tampermonkey Icon -> Übersicht (guess you have it in German as well) -> Click on the name of a script -> Add it at the very end of the code -> Datei -> Speichern. But be careful you could damage the code of the script.

Should work and automatically run the command on each website loading Smile , please try it, if it does not work open the console (Rightclick on the Agar website -> Element untersuchen). At the bottom of the new window there should be the console and if there is an error in your code it should display it there.

Maybe (I do not hope so) you have to add a delay, because maybe executing core.setMinimap() immediatly is too early... I don't know you will have to test it. Tongue

It is very unfair that you do not have the "full" minimap Exclamation At least you can see yourself so you know where the bordsers of the maps are and if you die you can return to the place where you die (if your team mate is waiting for you there).
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Good job bro
Time to stop the spamming madness? Confused Tongue Smile
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