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Magic Season
(02-11-2019, 11:16 PM)samira Wrote: @Yugopolis we will spam your name until you tell us the secret!!! Angel

They're right @Yugopolis... Resistance is futile!

(I would never do it myself. But the IT-guy in me still leaves me intrigued.)
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
I hate spam and I am sure @Yugopolis hates it, too! Angel
Fallen asleep, forever
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Hello everyone, I was surprised to see 14 missed notifications as I am barely active at these forums. Yes, I do enjoy it here, I just really forget to log in most of the time.

First you have to go to Then you need to click with the right part of your mouse on the screen. Just click it so there will open a small thing. I have put my settings in Dutch as that's my native language so I'm not sure how it's all called in English, please forgive me if I get a translation wrong, but it says:

Load again
Save as...
Translate to Dutch (not sure if this function is also on your browser if you are native English speaking)
View page source

Then click on "Inspect". You will see there opens a new tab on the right of your screen. It includes a lot of coding and looks very difficult. No problem because you won't need to understand anything of it..! Wink On the lowest part of the new tab, there is a space in which you can write (there's a little arrow in front of it: > , just like that). In the space where you can write, you need to put the special code. Please keep in mind, the special code has been deactivated by the developers of Agario due to a lot of complaints about people using the hack.

This is the hack which people have been using:

core.sendNick("NICK HERE"); for(let i = 0; i < 300; i++) {
let bytes = [8, 1, 18, 23, 8, 112, 130, 7, 18, 10, 16];
let massBoostName = "mass_boost_2x_1h";
for(let i = 0; i < massBoostName.length; i++) {

At the point which says "NICK HERE", you can put your username. When you are pleased with your username you can press "Enter" and it will get you to a server with an enormous amount of mass. Then again, you can try it, but the code has currently been deactivated, resulting in no extra starting mass for you. Also, in my opinion it did kind of suck using it, as you would pop a virus very easily and lose most of your mass to another lucky player passing by and making advantage of your bad luck. After respawning a few times anti teaming would be fully erasing your amount of mass and you'd eventually have to start proving that you're not a bot by continuously filling in reCAPTCHA's.

I hope it was all very clear but then again, I am not a native English speaker, so also for me it can be hard to describe steps like these in a post.
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Thanks for your answer, the code explains a lot (also about cheating in other games), but I have seen a video in youtube about that mass-cheat in agario, and they described it totally different, way more easier, but seems that was all only for clickbaits  Exclamation
(or I just missinterpreted it)

Question, since you seem pretty good at such stuff (coding) ...

Do you have a clue, why others like @samira have a minimap-option at their setting and I not ?

I use core.setMinimap(1) (found that in reddit agario) to be even able to see a minimap ... BUT ...

- I need to do that every singe time (after a refresh or restart) AND it shows only myself as dot, no opponents  Exclamation


Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry 

PLEASE help me  Exclamation
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