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Do Educational Games Still Exist?
On the internet there are many websites which claim that they have only educational games But many of them contains games with violence. However, Some websites are still there who are offering quality educational games like Physics Games, Math Games and other learning games. But the Parents should keep an eye on the activity of their kids on the internet. For educational games I am referring here 2 websites.
and I hate to say it but Roblox could be considered an intro to cad game
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Odell Lake and The Oregon Trail are the only two educational games anyone will ever need!

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I like educational online games and occasionally I'm killing time this way. The problem is that most of that games look very easy and have nothing in common with real college assignments. I appreciate academic sources like GPALabs because using it I get a real incomparable assistance
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Brace yourself - spoilers are coming! 
(03-12-2019, 12:07 AM)samira Wrote: Advertisement? Bot??

Yes, I believe you are right on both counts.

But since it's on-target and I've seen trhe game come up here before, I think.... I left it.

Don't even the bots need a glimmer of hope? (lol)
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