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New Happy Wheels Game
Website play game: LINK REMOVED DUE TO HIGH LIKELYHOOD OF CONTAINING MALWARE. If you enabled flash on that website, suggest you highly to run an anti-virus scan on your computer.

This is a game too hard, and I can not get over, and you?  Angry Angry Angry Angry
[b]Happy Wheels Controls: 

Wheelchair Guy                                                  

Before Ejection: 

Accelerate = Up
Slow/Reverse = Down
Lean left = Left
Lean right = Right
Rotate jet clockwise = Shift
Rotate jet counter-clockwise = Ctrl
Fire jet = Space
Eject =  Z
[Image: happywheels-hacked1-c120x120.jpg]

After Ejection:

Straighten arms and legs = Up

Curl into ball = Down
Push all joints up excluding head = Left
Straighten legs and press arms forwards = Right
Raise arm 1 and leg 2 = Shift
Raise arm 2 and leg 1 = Ctrl
Grab = Space
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  • FilipCro125
I know Happy Wheels, I came across with this game after seeing Pewdiepie's video, he was hilarious and the game seemed awesome as well Big Grin

For those of you who enjoy playing flash games, it would be good to know that there are plenty of other entertaining flash games, like [LINKS REMOVED DUE TO HIGH POSSIBILITY OF CONTAINING MALWARE] etc.

Guys, also list your favorite PC games below, I like playing Dota for example Smile
Agario Gaming Fan  Angel
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