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How can i upgrade my level fast and bring many coins to buy things can any player here tell me,me waiting
Try different game modes, some work better than others for collecting coins. If you're not spending $ then you just gotta grind it real shortcuts...if there were, then the game developer would suck right? Wink
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Supersonic is perfect for farming coins and for getting levels.
There ma record for farming coins is 400k in one day and leveling up 4 times in one day lol
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huh I calmed em down for a bit xD  (for now)

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Just do not play in Crazy or you will be like me : poor and whit a low level

Seriously, yeah Supersonic is the best way to farm coins, X-Insta is really good to level up but if you can't buy Freeze and macro split or do not have gold member role it's so hard to play in this serv'. So yeah, Supersonic is the best way.
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