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New ideas of Agma
Hello Everyone. Its Your Friendly Player. I have a few suggestions about the game and some new updates. 

I Think That Adding New Skins Every Week Would Be Awesome. It would be hard but it would keep the game *interesting*.

Another good idea (in my opinion) would be to make a item that gives you 5,000 mass for 50k coins to add on to the 1,000 mass Item.

One more. You should try to add a private server kind of thing. A server where Players can invite there friends to do a 1 on 1 PvP kind of thing ya know? I think that would be Awesome and very productive for the games popularity. 

Thank You For Reading This And Have A Wonderful Day

Hey Nathan,

I appreciate your suggestions, With some work they could be some awesome idea's.

My opinion about it:
Skins every week should be possible if we had a Skin Designer team, since we don't have that many custom drawers for Agma it's a bit more difficult.
But yes they will make the game more interesting. Such as "Limited edition" skins every week or every 2 weeks. Only "50/100" available.

About the Private server,
I think some time ago we discussed about some tournaments servers, such as 2v2 so maybe they are coming Wink.

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I am agree whit Headless, till' agma has an official skin desgginer made skin each weeks will not be possible. Nuke and Morocco made some skin many months ago but the stopped. BTW some of Morocco's skin should be add ont he next month...

After I do not think that add new skins each weeks would be an as good idea, I prefer to see new game mode than new skins.
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