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New ideas for Agma(password)
Hi alls i am Leader Big Grin  

 I thiks alls , experience u  passowrd its public , and Pm Sora  its more slow . Now i say New ideas

i Thiks Sora cant change it  , First  password subit in Settings , when do you change password , need u email of 

create , citty of create ...  Exclamation Exclamation  So Sora cant change my password plsss :joy:
OK, it has been hard but I did x)

You find that Sora is too long to answer (it's normal he has a life beside) to pm, so you propose that we can change our password by ourselved while using our email. (email we used when we sign in)
- - For my part I forgot which email I used but keep Das secret pls----

In fact it may be a good idea.
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Another one XD
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Thx @EqAtOmBe  for the amazing sig!  Heart

When I grind coins I like to pick out the 300 bots for 24 or 72 hours when im on supersonic Big Grin It makes it really easy to farm
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Thx @EqAtOmBe  for the amazing sig!  Heart


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