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Agma Quote And Meme
Hey, I create this thread to share whit you some agma meme and quote I made, of course if you have made, saw, and other one or plus, post them there.

"The cell is round, the map is made of gride lines, anything else is just pure theory."
[Image: 1541448838-quote3.png]

"We were teaming together until he ate me and start playing whit another one..."
[Image: 1541448843-quote2.png]

"Uhm, I see you are taming in agarIoforums, I also like to be known as the biggest bastard on earth."
[Image: 1541448848-quote1.png]

Elon Musk
[Image: 1541966106-2magiw.jpg]

Privacy Policy and your copmuter
[Image: 1541966112-privacypolicy.jpg]

True sentences wrote by players in the chat :

-"Do no trust anyone, all traitors, it's a bloody jungle" wrote in Crazy by someone (forgot his name)

-"I'm not teaming I just help him to grow faster" wrote by a random players

-"I'm the most slavic swordsman of agma" wrote by @FilipCro125 Supersonic

What you always think but never write in the chat (sometimes you do...) :
"What a f****** traitor, I hope he will be sick tomorrow (and other nice wish)"

"Why is this guy teaming, stop teaming dude
2 hours and 300 death later
well I think I will do sme maleficient ritual to launch a curse to this man"

Made by FilipDaDankMeme
Agma is shutting down
[Image: 1541966086-agmamemefilip.jpg]

I will surely add some random quotes another days to this post, have a nice play.
Make my toilet great again.
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This is interesting! I'd like to hear what other quotes/memes community members can make about agma. Let's hear it out in this thread?
Have any questions? Send me a message here:
@7shoes Quite the humor, nice thread!
[Image: 2fff75139dc231940dfcc2ff74b2c531.jpg]
Here is da fresh one xD
[Image: 819f684697ccfa4c4047be245d19e75b.gif]

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Hahaha ha I love it made me laugh so much. I thought to many agma try-harder and tried to imagine their life's whitout the game x)

Well I will add your même to the list and of course write it's from you. (FilipDaDankMeme)
Make my toilet great again.
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2 new memes has been add. Plus your @FilipCro125
Make my toilet great again.

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