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Poll: Should agma double/tripe the cost of recombine/speed power ups?
Increase them even more than that!
Triple the cost of these power ups in coins.
Double the cost of these power ups.
The cost should not be changed.
Make their cost even cheaper.
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Make 'em PAY!
I am becoming ever-more agitated by the proliferant use of power ups, and would like to propose this simple idea in an attempt to curb their use a bit.

Double or triple the cost for single use power-ups when purchased via coins. (Chiefly the recombine and double-speed ones.)

And I'm trying to turn this into a poll, just to see if I have any support. :|
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Thanks for suggesting. I think the use of powerups can definitely be reduced. Overall it should be something that's rarely used. Currently there's no limit on how many speed powerups you can pick up and hold in your inventory from spawns, but it will be limited in the upcoming update. That should reduce the use of speed powerups. People are getting richer in agma so they afford more powerups. As you suggest, increasing the price of powerups, specifically recombine and speed, will most likely happen soon. But, there's also new powerups planned for agma. They might work as counters for the other powerups. It will be cool to see how it plays out in the field. We'll see when it's ready!
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In my opinion, the cost of powerups is fair. I think it would be interesting to see the powerups, doubled for the gold members.
Nevertheless, I'm very excited to see whats planned for agma in the near future, Especially new powerups!
It'd also be neat, in the near future if 2xp (199,00 to 100,00) 2 days instead of 1. As that, is the most expensive in the shop besides Wearables. We'll just wait and see how it plays outSmile
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