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How to find the mothercell when you are in 16 pieces?
QUESTION: How can you find the 'main cell' when I am in 16 pieces?
Explanation: In FFA mode (unlike party mode) there is anti and 'main cell'. 'Main cell' means, if you are in 16 pieces, then after 30 seconds you can immediately merge all pieces as long as you put all 15 cells in your 'main cell'. One of your 16 pieces is your mother-cell, and the rest are children-cells. How can I know which one is my mother-cell when I am in 16 pieces?

right now I have to use fast eyesight and after 30 seconds when the 16 pieces are starting to merge, I am checking which cell absorbs 2 other cells. There is only 1 out of 16 cells that is able to absorb 2 or more cells (because that is the mothercell). But, often enough I still cannot find the mothercell.
I found out that the mothercell is:

not the first cell that will merge

not the biggest/smallest cell of the 16 cells
What is your opinion? Is the mother cell the cell that first splits when you are still 1-whole? Or does it constantly change depending on how many viruses the cell ate? Is it possible that the mother-cell completely dissappears? If yes, how? Will the mothercell dissappear if the other cells have eaten 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or more cells already (before the mothercell has)? For example if one of my bigger cells eat the mother cell, will the mothercell features dissappear or will the new cell become the mothercell? Because I experienced that sometimes I am in 16 pieces, after 30 seconds I am in 8 pieces, after 20 seconds in 4 pieces, after 20 seconds in 2 pieces, after 20 seconds in 1 piece = total 30+20+20+20=90 seconds (in this situation the mothercell has dissappeared), but if I had merged correctly it only would have taken 30 seconds in total. See how much difference it is?

This is the ANSWER to above question:
The oldest cell is the mothercell. The other 15 cells that come from splitting, are children cells.

Every cell has an invisible countdown timer on it that says how much mass can merge with it. This timer is completely reset whenever it splits, and is altered whenever its mass changes.

A cell that can merge a ton of cells would be any cell whose countdown timer allows it to merge with a bunch of other cells. What you're describing as a mother cell sounds like what would happen if cell A can merge with the rest of your mass as-is, but cells B and C can only merge with a small amount of mass before their countdown prevents them from merging further (meaning if B and C merge, their combined countdown doesn't let them merge with A, even though A's countdown would allow it to merge with both of them separately.)

What I don't know about the game mechanics is what happens to this countdown when two cells merge. If you wait a very long time, you can merge 3+ cells at once with no problem, so it's clear the timer isn't completely reset.

However, if one cell's countdown takes precedent over the other, that would be your mother cell. What's very likely is that the first cell in the invisible cell array is the mother cell, which would be the original "oldest" cell that remains after you've split each time. If you split in chunks, rather than all at once, the original cell should also have the most forgiving countdown.

When playing solo , going 16 is a good tactic many times. Of course this is if you are already first in the leaderboard with a decent amount of mass. Going 16 will get rid of the smaller teams shooting you viruses and will allow you to move away from "virus-infested" areas. Finding the mother cell when 16 allows you to use it as a bait against bigger teams (for example a big team might try to tricksplit your mother cell , you can just merge the other cells and kill them or even reverse due the cell getting bigger).

Merging faster as a solo player can be only good. If you find the mothercell you can quick-merge and then you can use it to : 1. bait 2. or counter a trick/pop/canon 3. if you are pro, you can even auto-merge into auto-split into 4x times popsplit. Besides learning a god skill, I usually scrim against teamers ( 1v2 or 1v3) and I hate dying when I fail to quickly find the mothercell. I mean: Besides learning a god skill, I usually scrim against teamers ( 1v2 or 1v3) and I hate dying when I fail to quickly find the mothercell.

Scrim is a popular word in the world of agario. Everyone that plays in an agario clan plays 'scrims' in party mode aka matches against each other. A match/scrim is a 2 vs 2 or 4v4 8v8 if it's a big clan but usually 2v2. The winner get a star and with 10 stars your rank increases: normal rank, elite, legendary rank. In whole of agar there was only one player who was higher than legendary, he's famous and always wins in agario tournaments. Every clan wants him in his team, if you go to their Agar tournament teamspeak.

The mothercell technique is for all 3 phases (beginner phase: >500 mass, mid phase >1K end phase: top 3). As far as I know it is the only 'bait' that you can do solo in FFA. So what you preferably want is: you are in 16 pieces and a big guy on the leaderboard splits in 16 to eat your pieces. And then exactly at the right time you are merging. But if you are merging from 16 to 8 pieces, then you are dead. You need to merge from 16 to 1 piece (mothercell technique) instantly for it to work. Please share you opinion:
1. Have you ever used the mothercell technique in agario? It's clearly better than tricksplit.
2. If so, does it work every time?
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(07-29-2018, 02:17 PM)samusmus Wrote: QUESTION: How can you find the 'main cell' when I am in 16 pieces?

And every once in a blue moon, you need to BE in 16 cells to survive!

Hear me out:

If buddy is attacking you with virii, and has a one coming in to hit your main (largest) cell, all you have to do to avoid it from actually being split is to get ANY other cell that is larger than a virus to run into a virus, jussst before the other virus arrives at your largest cell. Smile
Fight the Good Fight
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