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AGAR.IO Guide: How to splitrun properly in 2018 (fast and clean)
[Party mode][PC player] A whole thread about learning splitrun. I think we can get you there, can't we?

I guess I wil start. What do you need to learn:

Learning beginner splitrun:

introduction: there are 6+ different splitrun styles. It's about syncronizing and NOT about who is pro or better. Being better is totally pointless, because now you only need to focus on syncing.

How to sync?
You and your duo need to tryout the same style. My recommended style is standard realtime without any fast-paced doubles and going -thru your duo. You need to remember that you can split 4 times maximum ok?

1) I.E. Your duo has 500 mass. You have 3K. Split 3 times in front.

2) It's all about the last split, the 4th split, that's the most important to learn. The last split decides whether splitrunning becomes smooth.

2a) 4th split: you gotta split back into your duo if he (or you) have many smaller cells. This makes spitrun smoother and faster.

2b) 4th split: or you gotta split sideways. This will make the splitrun faster, because the 16 pieces will be closer to each other, so your duo will eat them faster and splitrun faster in the end. If you split 4 times forward instead, then the pieces are not close together and the splitrun becomes very slow. (in high-level splitrunning when you are running away from number 1 then you can still keep splitrunning with 4 times forward splits, because other players (or number 1) constantly eat your smaller pieces that are dragging at your backside, which in result will make your splitrun smoother.)

2c) Now it's your duo's turn to split. Your duo needs to keep your back piece alive (so he needs to split around your first cell and then eat the rest of your cells). (When you enter a battle with another team, then you will often keep your duo's front piece alive. Because this is to prevent the opponents from eating your smaller pieces when splitrunning.) (but but but, if you are smaller than your duo, then you need to position yourself in between: your duo and the closest virus. If the opponent tries to shoot the virus, then you can break it immediately. Or, you can shoot the virus. In a mothership battle it's more about virus-battles and less about baiting or tricksplitting.)

3) whenever you split (and move) make sure to eat as many cells of your duo as possible. (cleaning phase) If your duo splits in 4 pieces, then split on his 3 pieces (so your duo is left with 1 piece). That's what you want, because then the splitrun is clean, clear and efficient. (do the same if your duo splits in 8 pieces, then eat his 7 pieces and leave 1 piece alive).

4) make sure to splitrun very slowly with your duo in the beginning. Slowly steadily split faster and faster once you are getting used to it. If you start out by splitrunning fast, then you cannot learn or improve fast. Most of the time you will die and or rage-quit so my advice is: splitrun slowly with your duo in the beginning.

5) Eventually you both will splitrun a bit faster once you are getting used to it and if your duo splits in 16, you can eat his 15 pieces to leave your duo with only 1 cell. But in practise we don't usually do that (and we don't like that at all). Why? Because it's extremely risky to split for exactly 15 pieces. If it freezes, delays, lags or you are being chased and become nervous when you are splitting for your duo's 15 pieces, then you might accidentally eat all 16 pieces instead. The problem is, usually when your duo dies, then you will also die because party mode is like that. Teamers usually win against solo players even if the solo player is number 1. That's why teamers will always try to kill one of his opponents, so that they can finish off his opponent's duo.


High-level splitrun:

- 4th split: after you do the last split, make sure that you are moving up (towards your duo) immediately. This will make the splitrun much faster.

- every time that you are splitting, at the same time you need to move all the smaller cells into your duo (or your duo's smaller cells into you) as fast as possible. So moving your own cells is as important as splitting in the right direction. Of course, your duo needs to move towards the smaller cells as well, which will make splitrunning twice as fast and smooth.

- when fighting (in agario this is called 'scrimming') another team, keep splitrunning. Clanwar players usually splitrun with 1 piece in front, his duo splits in 16 in front of him, you feed that piece and then you split in 16 and he feeds that piece (this is when you enter a battle). But nowadays they also split in 4 or 8 pieces instead (this way your duo doesn't need to feed you as much and as often) but the downside is that the splitrun will be a bit slower. In 2016/2017 the battles were mostly splitrunning combined with tricksplitting other teams but nowadays you see more and more baiting. Clanwar teams are not tricksplitting after tricksplit after tricksplit anymore, but rather they are baiting, baiting and baiting (4-split, 8-split or 16-split hoping the opponent will try to split, and of course a tricksplit can also be used as a bait instead of an attack).

- phase 1: when you are <500 mass, only split on viruses and NEVER chase players (unless you can split on them directly, but don't chase them if you cannot split for them immediately). Only split for viruses, and you will see that many players will come to you anyway (trying to eat the smaller pieces when you hit the virus). So you will lure many players in and you can eat them.

- NEVER stop virusfarming. If there is another team very close to you, you still have to keep breaking viruses. Even if it is very risky. Why? Because it's 95% impossible that they can eat you if you (and your duo) are moving and splitting correctly. How? You gotta move properly by standing half-inside a virus and your duo breaks the virus because this way most of the 16-pieces you will eat instantaneously. Of course other teamers will split for you and then your duo got to double, triple or 16-split into you. Now you have eaten them with a bait.

- phase 2: 500 mass - 15K mass. Splitrun in circles.

- phase 3: 15K+ (autosplit mass). Splitrun in half-circles: split 4 times in front without any backsplits. Both you and your duo need to move to the smaller cells. The trick is to split extremely close to your duo so that your duo will instantaneously eat the smaller cells (without having to move in that direction anymore). Spectate clanwar players in agario and you will see what I mean (or watch this YT video:   from 1:00 minute). Half-circle splitrun is the best splitrun style when the server is laggy. (because without backsplits, you don't accidentally kill your duo)


Impossible-level splitrun:

In the future you may want to learn 3-man splitrun and multibox-splitrun


Of all YT videos, you should watch this:

- (lesson 1 splitrun pattern)
- **RECOMMENDED (lesson 2 splitrun styles: 1. circle splitrun 2. and half-circle splitrun (without back split))** 
- (splitrun tutorial: with arrows (1, 2, 3 and 4) they show the steps of splitting)(they show different splitrun styles)
- (splitrun tutorial: how to avoid mistakes and how to re-start splitrun afterwards)


Please, make a Youtube tutorial about this.


What tips would you like to share?


**Beginner tips:**

Slow it down, regain some control, then speed it up once you and your partner are more comfortable. It's all about the basics. Only when showing discipline, you will become master! I believe in you guys!

Tactic: Try more asian/2.0 spitrunning, try to split at the same time without dying, try pre-splitting. If you have this part down then the advanced steps are baiting. A step, but a huge step further, is to try out the legend split and maybe if you're godlike the teleport split if you can figure this one out. The legend split is where you Asian split, where you split like crazy every milli second (instead of every second). While you are splitting over, thru and around each other driving the mother UFO's crazy, you split 50% of your mass into the enemy, he splits and you eat him whole. It's a 90% win-chance. Risk it for a biscuit.

Taunting: I didn't count this element, but taunting is what makes agar a nice game. think about it. Why are we splitrunning? Certainly splitrunning is faster, baiting becomes easier, virus farming etc but what splitrunning really gets us is the dancing part. We like to prance and jump around like a bunny hopping in a beautiful field. We all play because it's so damn taunting. You want to dance as a happy bunny, pursue your enemies like a slick fox all this for just the right satisfaction that you will be set as an example as a skilled player and the enemy shows how powerless he is in front of your prowess. What I'm saying is, don't just show others you can splitrun, but really use it as a bait to lure them. Or to frighten them, scare them off, chase them even until they have no way out and feel the relieve in your body when the enemy just gives up and splits 16 into you. Etzesty is a great example of a taunting Master 10 out of 10.

Confidence: most players have good confidence but not great confidence. They are not a beginner that is scared to split. But also not super daring where you split 16 in front of your enemy where you are confident enough that you will eat him.

Control: Most players now have good basic control, especially compared to the ancient times of 2015 where splitrunning was just a dream. A sprink of hope that one day becomes reality. Nowadays, control is one of the basic elements a beginner almost possesses, it's the key to holding your own. A key to survive the first part of the game: virus farming when you're small. But most people also make mistakes in their control: see how often your duo partner has to stop splitrunning, just to walk around you to eat your zillions of smaller pieces.. he needs to trickshot you and we all know this is a no-no in a laggy server or tense situation where your enemies appear right in front of you. How will you survive then? If you're scrimming right here, right now, with your enemy in front of you, and you let your duo partner trickshot you for 2 seconds then many bad things can happen. Remember, if you move away then your duo partner might die while trying to trickshot. So you gotta stand still and hope for the best.. hope the enemy doesn't tricksplit, shoot a virus, steal your food by eating a big enemy next to you etc. No, control is one of the most important aspects

Asian splitrunning: If you wanna be tested for legendary member, then one of the requirements is that you know asian splitrunning. Also known as 2.0 or realtime splitrunning. Improvement points for every player to reach asian splitrunning is: split faster, don't stop splitting, make splitting smoother, split properly so in short just never stop splitting and it has to be smooth or one of you will die xD. Don't even think that splitting every second is asian splitrunning, it's every milli second, spamming the space button is the only thing legendaries do these days when doing an all-out scrim. The first person with the most mass usually wins, so the faster the splitrunning, the faster you get mass. Legendary players are like girls, they constantly ask themselves 'do I look good in my mass?"

Splitrunning: most beginners when they splitrun, they immediately triple or 4x split forwards. That is not asian splitrunning. Do you see what is happening after a player splits 3 times forward? Right! nothing happens, clearly. The smaller person can't split forward so he's waiting and waiting. You just wasted a perfect good asian splitrun opportunity. The mistakes goes on and on if you wanna be tested for legendary member. So: don't just run forward but instead become edible. I mean of course, make sure you are small enough that your duo partner can immediately split on you. This part is called 'cleaning up'. You gotta clean up your duo partner's smaller pieces first, only when that's done, THEN you can think of moving forward. It will look like a diagram. Don't just spam forward. when you splitrun so fast that you have reached the border where an enemy might actually split on you, at that point you stop with your splitrunning in that diagram. You will focus on baiting, tricksplitting or running as fast as possible to or from him. Usually, if you can do splitrunning fast, the enemy will get baited a lot faster so it's actually becoming easier for you if you can splitrun faster. Easier for you and easier for the enemy because it takes much less time to be done with the battle so you can move on to the Mother cell. Well, practise this and show the Mother cell what you can do! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

What is splitrun = an activity where you team up with your partner in agario and constantly split over each other. The goal of splitrunning is: becoming more nimble/quicker, hopping is easier for example, breaking thru viruses and of course you become a master baiter

There are more than 6 different splitrun styles:

1. virusrunning: first phase
2. There is 2.0 splitrunning: (second phase) splitrunning where you split NOT every second, but splitting every mili second fluently. Also known as Asian splitrunning. Nowadays it's called Realtime splitrunning. Best technique in combination with realtime splitrunning is legend split, because you split so fast that you give the enemy 50% of your mass, enemy will split and you eat him whole. This technique works 90% of the time if you are a pro. Risk it for a biscuit.
3. vertical splitrunning: few legendary clanwar players split thru (upwards) their duo's cell and then his duo splits thru his duo's cell. You need perfect sync as you need to split exactly right in such a way that you pass thru your duo. 
4. mix splitrun: the most common splitrun is not one style but a mixture, depending on the situation (how many cells do you and your duo have, how big is your enemy and will he split for you, which technique will you and your duo do) so in one siuation your splitrun cycle only has 4 splits, or 8 splits instead of the normal 16-split. Especially when you are small, you tend to go in all directions (anywhere where you see viruses) instead of circle-splitrun (around 1500+ mass). Many players tell their duo 'no, don't split back'. They are right but also wrong. Why? Because, yes, don't split back when your duo is too small. But, it's also wrong (at least the way how I splitrun, and most of us players), because it's faster, cleaner, more organised, and easier to split back in your duo. Another advantage is, that enemies have harder time to pre-split a 16-split to eat your pieces when you are splitrunning. Often enough, your duo is in 16 (and should have splitted back) when some random guy pre-split all those 16 pieces. Especially if you are going from pro to god level, you need to split back to prevent smaller pieces. What I mean is, if you have smaller pieces then you cannot continue your second cycle or at least not smoothly. That's why you split back, so you can continue splitrunning every mili second and that is what you want. You don't want to start a scrim/match/challenge with another team that splitruns smoother. First make sure you splitrun slowly with your duo and steadily splitrun faster so you and your duo get used to each others style. You are probably both pros, but with different styles. If you learn how to sync with your new duos, you earn your first god-skill.

5. motherbattle-running: 2.0 realtime doesn't  work anymore, you need to splitrun in half-a-circle now and only in your last split (right before you become in 16 pieces), you split on viruses. In this phase (15K+ mass or auto-split mass) you don't split back anymore. Many players don't know this, so whenever they reach 23K, they struggle and splitrun very slowly. But if you do it correct, you can still splitrun every milli second.

6. Fast-splitrunning = splitrun but then in a fast pace where you usually split into 16 pieces and 1 piece goes in front of your partner. Then your partner feeds that front piece (if necessary) and split in 16 all over again with 1 piece in front. Clanwar players still use it, but it's supposed to be oldfashioned 2015-splitrun. 

Other than the basic tricksplit, popsplit and canonsplit, there are pro splits you must know:

Teleport split (no, this is not vanish split): splitrunning where you and your partner split at the same time where two pieces go thru each other and eating the cell(s) on the other side. NEW! It's never been shown in any youtube video, this is a new split. Newer than tricksplit, canon, feed split etc. 

Tricksplit = a kind of technique that you use in agario where your partner splits in 16 pieces and you split on him. The result is that you will eat the enemy. It's the new trend to use and a VERY unfair advantage over the enemy. Usually I first burst a couple of W's to confuse the enemy and then fake tricksplit. Fake tricksplitting is just splitting one time to bait the enemy. If the enemy thinks I would split in 16 instead, then the enemey may split and I can eat him. If he doesn't fall for my bait, then I put my mass in my duo partner and he tricksplits the enemy without trailing W's so it will come as a suprise attack. If the enemy is a team especially from a clan, then be careful of them reverse tricksplitting you. With tricksplitting it's just art of being the faster team. Whoever splits faster, is the winner xD
pop split = a kind of technique that you use in agario where your enemy stands almost inside a virus (otherwise it won't work). To make you clear that this technique is 99% going to fail in reallife splitrunning is, the enemy will rarely walk over an actual virus where he doesn't pop on the virus (yet) by 1 pixel difference. This technique is more of an art, a flashy display for a video or to show off to your friends. A technique where you double split (really quickly) into your enemy. The result is, that the enemy pops on the virus and you eat him whole.

feed split = a kind of technique that you use in agario where you split on the enemy but you are too small to eat him. After you split, make sure to stay on top of the enemy and feed your front piece so that you will eat the enemy. It will only work if you're divided in 3+ pieces. This technique is a combination between splitting and self-feeding one of your pieces to eat your enemey's cells.

If you need to meet some place with your duo, and the extension isn't working or you are doing FFA, we say: go to C3. It's a coordinate in agario which means the middle of the agario map. We also say, let's meet middle hiddle = it's the middle of the agario map D3 or D4 on the minimap in some other extensions).

Rainbow color name = your name changes colors if you put this code behind your agario name =w300#hue=auto,blend=hue,label=bottom

World's longest agario name = ௵௵௵௵௵௵௵௵௵௵௵௵௵௵
line split: usually horizontal line of cells by pressing S to stop moving and then 4 times space button. It's a trick with agarplus. There is a secret in doing it vertical (from top to bottom). If anyone can tell me how, I'll be all ears.

**Pros tips:**
As a pro you went from split-running, split-hopping to virus running and all-running. Now there emerged yet another nifty technique, and yea with it has an awesome name: split-feed.

When you have 3000 mass and your opponent only 1500, you won't be able to split on him. The enemy circle will show green (instead of purple). What to do?

With this technique, you still split on him. Then you quickly feed your front part to eat him. The more cells you own, the less risky it is. Don't forget to stay perfectly on top of him or else your food will escape and you end up with less mass. That's like a hungry T-rex hunting for his prey for 5 sweaty, intensive minutes. And after running and jumping criss-cross you end up not catching your enemy with an even more hungry feeling. Oh, wait, dinosaurs are extinct. Are you a dinosaur or a pro agar player? Now is the time to proof yourself. You can do it, I believe in you!

A couple of clans swear by the triangle, only if you are able to do the triangle technique, you are allowed to join an agario clan. Let's do the triangle = an agario technique where you and your partner eat each other infinitely. Start off with 2x 2000. And your partner with 1x 3000 mass splits for your smaller piece, then you split for his smaller piece and you guys keep circling around each other. The square is similar but then you split at the same time which is harder.

The road to become a pro needs you to improve your baiting skills. Just split in 16 pieces, walk fast or slowly to an enemey and if they split, just slowly walk into your duo and you will eat him. This is actually one of the harder baits, because you cannot have lag, and if you are too small (300 mass) then you need to pre-move back into your duo otherwise you won't be able to anticipate fast enough. But once you finally get that bait in, you will feel proud. Your duo will often tell you that you are a master in baiting and eventually shortens it: hey, nice bait, you are a master baiter. You are a masturbator. Masturbator = a state where you act as a master in baiting (master baiter)

Practise your counter-tricksplit by (usually) pre-splitting to enemies that are trying to tricksplit you. Also practise counter-popsplit, by either splitting one time, or quickly move in the other direction. A third way to counter a popsplit is if your duo quickly remove (pops) the virus for you right before the enemy (usually that is number 1 trying to act cool) popsplits you. 

In a mothership battle feed your enemy (for example 5K), so that he will auto-split and you can eat his piece. In party mode you should not rely on solo skills. Always feed your duo at least 1K. Or if that is not p ossible, quickly feed him at last 150 mass so that he can pop your enemy and still survive. 


**God tips: (legendary clanwar player)**
Everyone wants to become a god in There is only one way, the hard way (practise, fail, improve). Start by finding a duo. Without a duo who is pro, you will never be able to sync. Syncing is important to split for enemies or bait enemies by a pixel. If the enemy splits for you, but cannot eat you by 1 pixel, then you are called a god. 

Make sure to proof your skill on the stream. Don't worry, as long as you are not recording, there won't be any lag if you are on a potato computer. Just use OBS (download for free), in settings turn off settings like aero. Also, in Windows turn off aero-mode and tryout, put your background apps on low, make sure your the YT videos you are playing are on 144p (instead of 1080p) to reduce lag in agario. ( and don't forget to turn on 100% performance- 0% visual in computer properties. Also force enable GPU Rasterization.

In your twitch stream, I recommend these commands:

Only in this phase, when you are a god, you can properly say: I am MLG. I am so MLG = I am so pro. 

If other players call you a god, then it's most likely because they don't see your mistakes. A god constantly uses the legend split. Legend split: when you first feed the enemy (for example, you give him half of your mass) for the sole purpose of killing him right after.

A god who is 300 mass doesn't run from 2K guys. You, if you want to become a god, need to continue virus farming even close to much bigger guys. Near viruses is ideal, because baits become easier. But even without viruses, you should be able to splitrun faster than a bigger team. As long as you are smaller, you are able to outrun them and eventually they should either get baited by your doublesplit-bait, triple or quadruppel split bait. Or they will stop chasing you because they see a bigger enemy, solo enemy or easier enemy to eat.

If an enemy cornered you, it should be easy for you to trickshot the enemy and survive. Let me trickshot you = an activity where you go between your partners pieces usually for the sole purpose of eating his smaller babies cause the splitrun didn't go as smooth. 

Any god is required to know the exact distance where enemies can split for you, where you can dodge it by quickly pressing right and then quickly left. A god should be able to do this successfully 9 out of 10 times.

Okay, we talked about situations that were possible to survive. What about impossible situations where everyone always die, for example, if you are 132-mass, you deliberately go on a virus. And you end up being in 16 pieces for the next 30 seconds in a crowded 100K server at prime time (in the afternoon). Daily I buy 132-mass boost and just pop myself in 16 pieces to do a special technique on god-level. After you pop yourself, and everyone notices a guy nearby who is in 16 pieces, they will chase you. 5 out of 10 times I end up in 1 piece with 300, 400 or 500 mass. If you practise this a lot, you will be able to do it also: 1. first. notice that you are 132-mass, so your first priority is getting mass after you popped yourself and became 16. Make sure that only 1 cell needs to collect mass. Your other 15 cells don't need any mass so in this situation you will farm pallets for one cell (you 've already foreshadowed a place with many pallets far before you even popped yourself). Second: you only need to farm 12 pallets while being chased. 2. Secondly, make sure players chase you, taunt them if they stop chasing you. 3. Walk to a virus and usually if 2 or 3 players are closeby, they will split for you on the virus (sometimes they double split in hopes they won't trigger the virus) but to prevent that, you pre-walk up in their direction to popsplit them. It's a very dangerous technique on a high level, because while you are in 16 pieces, one of your cell is bigger than all the others, so make sure that exactly the biggest cell survives so you will eat the enemy and everyone else that splits for you. This is a combination of taunting, baiting, popsplitting, secretly farming pellets for one cell (don't make it too big otherwise they will recognize your strategy) and double/triple baiting since 2 or 3 players might split for you at the same time, leaving you with the mass of all the players that split for you. If you have done this properly and taunted exactly right, some enemies on the leaderboard may even have 16-splitted for you. 

A god will always realtime-splitrun, even if there are bigger guys. Don't stop splitrunning and virus farming. If you are scared and stop with virus farming next to a big guy, then you are not a god. You, if you are a god, will popsplit any enemy that you see and survive (even after a failed pop) you should immediately correct it and shift it to your advantage. Do many linesplits into tricksplit. Do tricksplit into popsplit. Bait pro players with auto-merge into auto-split.  And auto-split into 4 times popsplit. If you make sure you have a 1000 mass and your duo 750 mass, then you can go tricksplit, immediately into a second tricksplit, into a third tricksplit. In 1 second you can do 3 tricksplits. Have you ever done a wall-trick and wall-pop? If you are a god, you should popsplit all enemies that you see at the wall: double or triple split on the wall, make sure the wall bounce is strong and then popsplit the enemy.

Pre-splitting becomes very hard if you are challenging clanwar players, because they know the same tricks. On this level, there is a lot of baiting for example, the enemy who is 4K, splits in 8 pieces right in front of you. What do you do? If you pre-split him, then you die because on god-level his duo will pre-split in this situation. These baits are very popular for clanwar players, they go in 8-pieces and his duo immediately splits on them (tricksplit but for baiting and taunting). There are ways to deal with it: 1. do a tricksplit also 2. or you can try to pre-split your enemy's presplit 3. or you can go in 8 or even 16 pieces yourself and hope the enemy will tricksplit and then splits again. If that happens, he got baited/rekt and you win.

What do you do if your enemy of 5K is about to kill you/split for you when you are in 2K + 2K (you have 2 cells/you are in 2 pieces)? And there is no time to feed your duo? A god would do this: if his pieces are right and left, then he splits down (if his duo is below him) and that way a god can feed his duo instantly and then just 16-split. This is one of the 1-mili second baits, if you are 1 mili second too late, you are dead.

Imagine, your enemy is getting away. He is in 2 pieces and trickshotting a virus. Most people say: oh no, he got away. But a god-player knows better: a god immediately popsplits the piece closest to the virus and wins.

If number 1 killed your duo and is about to tricksplit another team next to you. What do you do? 1. run away? 2. team with another guy? 3. wait for a good spawn of your duo? 4. be a god? In this situation number 1 is about to split in 16 pieces (each cell is 1000 mass)(to prepare his tricksplit). You have 4K and are not close enough for a split (so no counter tricksplit). Sniikz or any other god would have done a solo tricksplit, you split in 16 pieces while quickly feeding your front piece to do a counter tricksplit at number 1. 

Oh no, Sniikz and his duo have you cornered. Sniikz has 10K and you have 8K. Sniikz is a god so he doesn't tricksplit you yet, but instead kills your duo. Your duo is dead, you are cornered and have no way out without a virus and every other player would have given up in this situation. But you are also god, so what do you do? Luckily, I've been in this situation and there is a small chance to survive. Immediately after your duo dies, keep shooting W's on the ground around you. You only need one lucky spawn and you can split in 8 pieces, then Sniikz splits towards you, and secretly you feed your duo (who just spawned there) and the bait is a success. You are number 1 now.

Sniikz still doesn't  recognize your skills and for the last time, he and his duo trapped you against the wall. What do you do?  Sniikz has two cells: 2K + 2K. You also have two cells: 2K + 2K. Sniikz has one piece on your piece to prevent you from splitting away. His duo is walking slowly to a virus to pop you. Most people don't know this trick, but a god would hit one of his two pieces deliberately on a virus, then immediately self-feed so that you will eat the 2K-piece that Sniikz has.

A god always looks for challenges, so he will change his name to: LOSER, catch me. This way many people will chase you. Make sure that you don't have the same agario cell color as your duo, since you are now a god. They need the advantage, I mean, you are already a god, they can't touch you. Right?

There are not that many real gods in agario, but if you see them, you might see that they are in gladiator phase. This is a phase where the god-duo are number 1, and they already have auto-split mass and they just need to wait a couple of minutes before there is another challenge. So what do gods do while waiting? They walk to a corner, split in 2 or 3 pieces and his duo does the same in such a way that they close the corner. Then they throw W's on the ground in the corner and many players will instantly spawn there. Yes, you guessed it, it's called gladiator because the spawned players have to battle each other in the corner (they cannot get out)(battle royal) and the winner gets eaten by number 1.
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Hey samusmus, sounds like you really like Me and my friends have made hobbies out of analyzing the game, maybe you'd like to stop by: Nbve4Gz (discord)
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Even in clans players call each other names, but in my opinion usually both players are pro's but they:

expect a different split direction

or merge into a different cell

or expect you to move in another way.
Especially if you are both pro but first time playing with each other, then you don't realise immediately if your duo is baiting right now, or that he's lagging, or that this way of splitting is his style. You don't know it yet.
Just check out if you can understand each other's splitrun by splitrunning slowly or throwing W's, pausing every cycle where you need him to move to or just split on a virus and wait 5 or 10 seconds until your duo realises that your purpose is virusfarming for now.

"Whenever I go into party mode and find a team mate they're always doing it wrong and end up losing mass bc we aren't going anywhere we're just syncing our splits and not actually going anywhere. "

-->what I usually do to find a duo is throw a W and check if he reacts like a splitrunner or like a beginner. And then I know if I should splitrun properly or splitrun VERY carefully and watch every split of my new duo.

Also I check the name of my new duo. If his name is Marl or Italy or whatever standard name, then they are usually beginners. If their name is Sniikz, Marl, team, pro or anything with symbols then they are usually good splitrunners.


ZT tragedy (one of most famous player in agario, next to Sniikz and Etzesty) shows here how to splitrun properly. You see here that he's doing an agario tournament in a quad as he plays for Veterans clan. Veterans is one of the best clans in EU and NA.

Do you see that Tragedy is constantly splitting back into his duo's back piece (instead of his front piece)? Do you recognize that after his duo splits, that Tragedy immediately splits for his smaller pieces (instead of his big pieces or somewhere else)? What else do you see?

Flixy shows here how to virusrun properly (first phase of splitrunning). Notice how Flixy constantly splits back into his duo's back piece. But from 1.00 minute in this YT video he splits forward in his duo's front pieces every splitrun cycle. Because he has to protect the smaller pieces from other players.

In 2016 you often see people doing a tricksplit (they split in 16 pieces). But nowadays you see more pseudo-tricksplits which basically means a tricksplit in 2, 4 or 8 pieces, for example look at 1.10 minutes where his duo splits on his 4th split to eat another team.

Check the pseudo-tricksplit at 1.42 minute by Kelaric.

You can also ask your duo to change something in his style. Or maybe you can change your style aspect. You can ask your duo to stop splitting backwards, or stop double splitting at the beginning of a spiltrun cycle, or ask to clean up better instead of splitrun somewhere else, or ask to splitback in the back piece every cycle (instead of splitting back in the front piece).

Many times it is only 1 aspect that your duo lacks. If you can tell him this point, then the synchronizing of the splitrun style will be smooth.
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Is there any videos or anything at all on "Asian Splitrunning"? It is only mentioned twice in all of agario forums. And I am still rather confused about it. Although I suspect that I may have already done it/seen it before. Also how did those who know about it learn about it?
(05-15-2019, 02:15 AM)DaddyHasDentures Wrote: Is there any videos or anything at all on "Asian Splitrunning"? It is only mentioned twice in all of agario forums. And I am still rather confused about it. Although I suspect that I may have already done it/seen it before. Also how did those who know about it learn about it?

Someone in ZT clan invented Asian splitrunning. I think it was  Sniikz. I also played with him in ZT clan, but later they changed the name 'asian splitrunning' to 'realtime splitrunning'. 

So Asian splitrunning is the same as realtime, and it means, that you split as fast as you can with your duo. That's all.

Every splitrun style, has a certain number of splits. There is a video about it which I posted on this forum.

In general, if you constantly play with someone else (like on ogario extension or teamspeak scrims), then you gotta recognize: (the newest teamspeaks for NS clan are and, updated: 27 May 2019)
- do I splitrun 3x forward, 1x backward? or 4x forward where my base cell (first cell) stays at the same place?
- does my duo do the first or second style?
- Do I and my duo merge the 16 pieces in the cell that is at the back or front after a splitrun cycle?

In Ogario extension, most players merge the 16 pieces in the back piece. You probably as well. But some players don't do this and then people call them a noob, but just tell them to split in your back piece, instead of the front piece, problem solved. No need to say noob to them. The only problem was that you were not synced. Now it's solved, now you can become number 1. Good luck.

Here is the video on asian splitrunning:

any tips on HSLO (multibox) splitrunning?
(06-15-2019, 01:22 PM)mirzu42 Wrote: any tips on HSLO (multibox) splitrunning?

Hey thanks again, I replied to your other message also. Here is the answer:

thanks. "How can i splitrun better?" --> 1) I don't use HLSO extension, so from my experience what I would do is download tampermonkey and then download ogario. Click on 'join party' in EUwest or NA.
If the party you are currently in has some good teamers that are fighting, just spectate them until the fights are over. Then go to the next party, and keep spectating and learn from how they splitrun.
--> 2) you can also do scrims, join server dominations and join tournaments in The discords for this (and teamspeaks) are here, I made a list:
Well, the newest teamspeak is probably this one: New 2019 AGARIO teamspeak for No Surrender (NS clan) is: and
" you explained what splitrunning is but not really how to do it. especially realtime" --> realtime is a new word. The old word used to be asian splitrun if you remember that word from the ZT days? Realtime just means, splitrunning but fast. As fast as you can. --> what is good realtime? well, since everyone in the ogario extension pretty much splits differently, they have their own style. Usually ogario players call each other noobs cause they want to use their own style.
I will explain it, So player A is splitrunning like this style: 4x times forward. This is usually done when you have 10k+ mass as you probably already know. This style is what they call half-circle splitrun, because you dont split backwards.
Player B (your duo) prefers 3x times forward splitting and the fourth split is a backsplit.
So as you probably can tell, these 2 styles don't combine well, because if your duo doesn't expect a backsplit, that one of you will oversplit, your cells become too small and when you backsplit, your duo will kill you either that, or the splitrun is slow, not smooth.
What else? - Other ogario players don't clean up the little cells of himself or his duo. - other timing, or slow reaction than you. Your duo might be splitting in your front cell instead of the back cell. - for example my style is, I always split on a virus even if there is a big team next to us. I do this cause I know we can survive if we are fast enough we can bait the big team if they triple split for us, they will be baited and we kill them.
But as you see, if my duo doesn't like my dangerous style, then he doesn't try to help me out and we both die. He calls me noob or something, but was it my fault? No, the fault was that we have different styles, expectations and we didn't try to adept to each other. We didn't try to understand each others splitrun.
"mothership" mothership splitrunning is completely different splitrunning. Because everytime you or your duo merges, you will autosplit (23.5K or something will make you autosplit). The enemy team will constantly feed your biggest piece, if that piece autosplits then you will lose that piece. If you splitrun fast, then you usually die because it's really hard to control autosplits and avoiding viruses. If you autosplit or pop a virus and your cell divides into the wrong side, you will lose that piece. If you autosplit when you are already in 16 pieces, you will instantly lose this piece (it's a bug in the game, they still haven't fixed this, so you can exploit this as well).
"multiboxing" --> as you see, you are splitrunning by yourself so you don't need to play passive or safe. You can now splitrun perfectly how you want. This means a multiboxer will not splitrun like ogario players.
"could you link some youtubers i could try to learn from" --> As far as I heard from other multiboxers on teamspeak and ogario chat, the best multiboxers don't use HSLO anymore, they use alt tab in different browsers. I'm not the best to explain how to multibox splitrun so here are some guides to splitrun as a multiboxer: a list of guides

My second message to you. But very short, you ask how can you splitrun better:

specifically how I focus my splitrun: - splitrun very close to your duo. (don't splitrun in huge frames, otherwise your duo has to wait a long time to clean up the smaller pieces) - The first split in the splitrun cycle should be half inside your duo's piece. Because then when you reach your fourth split at the end of the splitrun cycle, most of the 16 smaller pieces are already inside your duo. Understand? This is a very important tip, because the less pieces you have, the faster you splitrun and the less confused your teammate becomes, and the better your baits are. - splitrun in the same direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) so your duo doesn't get confused if you change direction - if you team with a new teammate (in ogario you usually team with another duo a lot): start out splitrunning slowly to adept to each other. If there is a huge team or better team nearby, then you can switch from 4-step splitrun to 3-step, this makes it easier for your duo and tricksplit (baits) become easier. - always use W to let your duo know in which direction you want to splitrun, W to your prey that you want to eat, so your duo doesn't attack another team at the same time. - this is how pro's often die: a pro is attacking a team (team B), and team C (the third team) is attacking the pro's suddenly from behind. So always focus on attackers, rather than the prey. Understand? - if you see a free kill, always go for it instantly. Don't wait, because if you wait then your duo probably already made his attack move and you didn't, so then all your pieces are everywhere and you die.
also, what about splitrunning when over 30k or even 80k-140k? i do get mass pretty easily but i cant splitrun when i am over 30k.
(06-17-2019, 02:58 PM)mirzu42 Wrote: also, what about splitrunning when over 30k or even 80k-140k? i do get mass pretty easily but i cant splitrun when i am over 30k.

when you are 30k-100k:

- no point full-circle or half-circle splitrunning fast anymore, cause you cannot avoid viruses anymore
- just splitrun safely with your duo
- make sure the third or fourth (last) split is forward aka on viruses
- make sure your front piece (or your duo's front piece) is big enough that the enemy cannot eat it.
- split slower than normal, because pay attention to virus shooters. Everyone can shoot a virus to you. They will.
- Split slower or stop splitting if enemy is nearby, so you can make sure that the enemy will not divide your piece with an autosplit
- baiting is either harder or not possible anymore. You need to bait differently now, like showing your smaller piece while splitrunning to merge in 1 piece to bait them
- or bait them, by you splitrunning around your duo, the enemy thinks that you will go in front and merge. But then you stop splitrunning and you put all cells in your duo's front piece
- it's about using viruses smartly, shoot viruses to enemies and avoid viruses if enemy shoots you

you understand what i mean? it's not 100k but you can see how they do it:
Holy shit this forum is bad. I tried to reply and it just quoted the entire fucking post. Anyway.

Do not listen to this guy, he knows nothing about splitrunning, if you want to learn how to splitrun add me on discord @ kaoriisbestgirl#0208, i have coached literally all the most competitively successful players in addition to being one myself, and stop watching gota players, they just copy us and do everything worse

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