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Poll: Do you want a scoreboard for agario scrims/tournaments as an agar feature?
No (please argument 'why'?)
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All AGAR.IO teamspeaks/discords of 2018
November, 2018 teamspeak: (replace with or [V3 clan] (with Melody) [VNTR clan] (with Harmony) [French Kingdom clan] (with Auky, Premium)
i fail to understand what this is dawg?
Gimme da rep pointss
(11-16-2018, 12:58 PM)JruGo Wrote: i fail to understand what this is dawg?

This is a list of discord servers and ts3 (teamspeak) servers. Back in the day it was ZT clan, but then it divided into NF, Unity and later Revenant, Most Wanted and nowadays there are newer clans. In Unity (2016) and Revenant (2017) year's the agar tournament was real. It still exists in 2018, but only in teamspeak. If you wanna join, you need to download teamspeak, see

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