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All AGAR.IO teamspeaks/discords of 2018
With a big agar community which is ever-growing, we strife to meet the demands and wishes for all the players in agario:
  • agario tournaments
  • 2v2 scrim battles
  • server dominations
  • clan wars
  • stream takeovers
  • youtube community
  • learning proper splitrunning

Therefore you find a list of teamspeak servers below: (up-to-date 2018)

Tournament teamspeak 2018, September, October, November, December:
  • (tournament teamspeak)

Tournament teamspeak 2018, January-August:
  • [tournament teamspeak]
  • [tournament teamspeak]
  • [tournament teamspeak]
  • [tournament teamspeak] (sign up here: and RULES )
  • [tournament teamspeak] agarhub.oOo (recommended)

    Most active clans:

    2018, November:
  • (MS clan)

    2018, October:
  • (SL clan)
  • ( [] clan)
  • (VNTR clan)
  • (VS clan)

    Part 2:

    Part 3: probably not working anymore:

    Part 4:
    [Fruit clan/fruit squad]

    2018, September: (note: since October replace .ml to .pro. So is now Same for the rest of the teamspeak servers.)
    [Fruit clan/fruit squad]

    Update part 2: (note:,,, should be since 2018, October)
  • [VG clan]
  • [havoc/HVC clan] and
  • [NT clan] and (ayno plays here)(recommended)

    2018, August:
  • [Kings clan]
  • [b2d clan]
  • [NS clan] (recommended)
  • [SXL clan]
  • [Vipe clan]
  • [Diamond clan]
  • [Vanators clan]
  • [Vanators clan]
  • [Underdogs clan]
  • [Vinkel clan]
  • [UHM clan] and (Karma/Damian/Melody play here) (recommended)
  • [crew of friends clan] (recommended)
  • [most wanted clan] and (recommended)
  • [Evil clan]
  • [Influence clan]
  • [OMG clan] OMG.TSVOİCE.ML (recommended)
  • [LIT clan]
  • [DFR clan]
  • (Clan tournament winner 2018)

  • [Avci clan]  (CS:GO & &
  • [FT clan]
  • [Veteran clan] and (ZT Tragedy plays here)
  • (recommended)
  • (leo gamer YT)

For your information: This list is made by and for agario players. If you got one also, post other teamspeak servers here.

How to install TEAMSPEAK:
  1. Download teamspeak 3 client on
  2. Nickname (choose a name for you)
  3. Password: no password is needed, so leave the password empty
  4. Address: copy/paste one of above servers (for example:
--> Video example:
[-] The following 3 users Like samusmus's post:
  • Owl , Sora, Squirrel
If the teamspeak is blacklisted, google for:

- bypass blacklisted teamspeak

- ignore blacklist teamspeak

Soon is the new AGARIO tournament.
Youtube video: watch?v=CCeL8whDbrY

EU and NA combined. Terax: "Basically, the first round would be played in EU, the second in NA and the third (if it needs to be played) is a controversial topic. We have a couple ideas on how we're going to do this and we will publish this in a strawpoll soon so that the community itself can vote on how they want us to do it."
Melody: "This tournament we're hosting is a little different than others. For a long time tournaments have been hosted seperatly; one for NA teams and one for EU teams. We are attempting to change that. In this tournament, both EU and NA teams will be playing against eachother. The main reason for this is that is a dying game, and everyone has to recognize that a tournament with only 10-15 teams, is no fun. This tournament will have 32+ teams playing toe to toe to decide what agar clan is not just the best of their region, but of the entire world!"

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#4 5tar

[Fruit clan/fruit squad]

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