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Escape Plan - Azure & Judas Animation: Episode 2

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Episode 2

Ep.2 - Escape Plan Story:

In the previous episode, Azure, trying to improve her by experimenting with the professor and the evil king Wild Norman, was finally conquered in a grave conspiracy lab. Wild Norman killed all lab personnel, including Professor. Only one Azure has survived. The apocalypse is alive because it is the only Azure who knows the recipe. Azure is imprisoned after various kinds of torture. With the help of people in jail and cyborgs, Lakin, who managed to get rid of it, has lost a lot of life for this escape. When escaping is realized, the friends are killed and the dam is thrown when they are noticed by Wither and the Wizard. Azure drifting into the rivers and the seas in an uncontrolled way, is recognized by the JUDAS aides on a sea shore. You can better understand the animation in the future. Thank you, good looking.

I am waiting for your comments, rejoice if you express your missing aspects. Please support...

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