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Just hi nothing complicated.
Hello! Welcome to the communityWink
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(06-23-2018, 05:14 AM)100OnMyWrist Wrote: Just hi nothing complicated.

Hi, and welcome aboard!

I do hope that you'll share a bit more of who you are, how you came to play the game and all. It's not complicated, and it helps us get to know you!

But regardless of what you choose to do, we're glad to have you here, and hope we'll hear more from you!

I hope that you make some new friends, and have many hours of fun as a result of coming here!

Fight the Good Fight
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Make it worth the price we pay!
All your life you've been waiting for your chance,
Pray you'll fit into the Plan.
But you're the master of your own destiny,
So give and take the best that you can!
welcome among us

for your arrival let me offer you this signature that I am made to you

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