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I’m happy to be here!!!
This community has lots of members, who tend to look out for new members! Bringing a warm welcome to the newest member of the forum.
It's a shame that I haven't introduced myself to you yet.

I'm glad you found your way to us, it's nice to see new nice and awesome people joining the family!
In the past I was the kind of person to send a PM to if you ever required help or just needed a person to talk to, so whenever no one of the support helpers are around, you can PM me aswell, though it's not my job anymore.
[Image: Mikasa_Sig2.png]
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@ Owl Well, I like it! Because I’ve had such a nice warm welcome, I’m glad to join and be one of the people waiting for more new people in need of a warm welcome!
@Mikasa Thanks! I’ll make sure to PM you when in need of help, or to chat (lol)!
[Image: Jell_Belly_Sig.png]
Thanks so much @EqAtOmBe for the AMAZING signature!!!
Have fun and be awesome >^^<
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