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Self-feed game mode
i think that they should add a self-feed mode to because most other servers have it. The server itself would be so much more popular, and it would attract other users. especially newer players, which gives a higher chance for more opportunities.
@Sparrow Its a nice idea, you should clarify, how it would work, game rules, Etc...
Yes, it's can be a great gamemode.

Someone had proposed this many times ago.
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(05-13-2018, 01:27 AM)Owl Wrote: @Sparrow Its a nice idea, you should clarify, how it would work, game rules, Etc...

Well the game would work as if there is a huge map. the server map would be extremely big, and the self- feeding function would make it so that you can get as big as the server. This would happen if you ate the second biggest person. each round will last 2 minutes, by then, the map would be covered with 1-3 huge players, and in the chat there will be a message saying who got 1st 2nd or 3rd. 1st gets 300 coins, (trust me its balance if you get 1st for 1 hour straight u get 9k coins instead of 100k like other modes.)
2nd gets 200, and 3rd gets 100. all other places get none. Thats basically the jist of the mode.

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