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Whats your dream vacation?
Title says it all Wink

Whats your dream vacation and why?

Mine would be on the Beach of La Concha with Daiquiri in my right hand Smile

This is my dream vacation because i find it'd be super relaxing and calm, listening to the ocean.
I have an opportunity to visit the Thailand which is my dream come true. From ordinarily I am arranging an outing to Thailand however never happened. Presently I am invited to Thailand by one of our business customers. It is business trip of --link removed
eap essay writing service[/url] yet I have stretched out 2 days to meander around and visit all the delightful spots. I have to get ready for that or else I will miss a few places or won't inspire time to appreciate. Would anybody be able to share a few thoughts on how might I design my trek with the goal that I cover every one of the spots? What was your involvement in Thailand?

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