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Tournament GameMode-Dodge A Cell
[Image: 5135146.png]

This is just a rough draft and will updated as needed.

This is a team sport, plays will be held on the whole map. Powerups are aloud in the game with some restrictions.
These following Powerups are prohibited in the game
 ↳                                                                         ↲
[Image: Screenshot2018_04_22at9_14_49_AM.jpg]
There is a (10) minute time limit. The team with most "virus kills" will be deemed the winner. If the teams are tied then there will be a sudden death game.

All Wearable's are allowed in the game

Teams will switch sides of the map after every game

Your Objective is to shoot viruses at your enemy and pop their cell.

Starting a Game
Each team starts with (3)Three Viruses evenly spread in the center line at the beginning of each game. Each team member must be against the wall before the math. Match begins after timer counts down from 10.

Eliminating the Opposing Players 
Eliminating the opposing players is quite easy, as stated above your goal is to shoot your X amount of Viruses at the opposing player, A player is out if:
- The opposing player is shot with a virus 
- A Virus bounces off the wall and explodes that opposing player
- If they cross the center line

Powerups in game
Some powerups are aloud in the game, this makes it fun!
Powerups are good way to take advantage of small opportunities to eliminate your opposing player.
Some powerups have been prohibited as it is deemed unfair for the game ( Check Above )
If you use prohibited powerups you are deemed Eliminated 

Game Procedures
Players are expected to be honest and take themselves out when the time comes. Once a player is out they must enter The Secret Room. Players in the secret room are Prohibited from leaving until a new game has started

Let me know what you think
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  • Sora
I Think this would be a fun game mode
A very interesting idea and build on the dodgeball gamemode you suggested!
Have any questions? Send me a message here:
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  • Owl
I like the concept.. More "TEAM" focused servers to draw in all/most the teams would be nice. Also, I'm LOVING the supersonic server.. would be nice to incorporate the speed in new server releases..
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  • Squirrel
Also in this game mode, all players have to use a version of the doge skin!

[Image: doge.png]

[Image: birthday_doge.png]

[Image: giphy.gif] [Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]
What other powerups would be good for this game mode idea?
A lot of people are paying attention and so do I. thank you for sharing.
I just saw this today
i didnt even know about this thread.
ngl sounds like a really cool ideA
it'll prolly be really hard  to survive though 
also the viruses will have to fly much further bc ither wise they might not reach the correct players
in addition to this, getting hit by your own virus shouldn't affect you right?
Appreciates rep points.
A lot.

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