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Pulse Clan
I would like to introduce my new clan
I have created this clan for experienced players an people who like a good mature clan
This Clan is currently being developed and we are accepting members
Clan Requirements Below
: Any Age, you can be 3 and still join the clan if you are mature
: Must have experience in playing any game
: You will need to be active, you do not have to be on every day but at least 3 times a week
You must have these attributes, Responsibility, Maturity, Teamwork.
Clan Rankings Below
These are the current rankings for PuLsE
The founder /owner deals with organizing the clan and accepts clan members
The founder also promotes users.
The Co-Owner assists the Owner in high profile problems
High Council
Deals with accepting people into the clan takes most problems.
Low Council
Deals with low priority problems and teaches new members
Punishes and rewards members
Senior Member
A experienced member who is very active
The lowest rank of the clan
Other Information Below
If you would like to join please message me privately
Once you are accepted you will be given a tag

PuLSe Founder

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